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A Walk Through My Haunt…

I hope you all enjoyed this year’s Halloween as much as I did!

Here are some Halloween highlights of my SPOOKTACULAR haunted party…

All of my party guests arrived on schedule that evening…they must have hitched a ride on the horrific looking horse-drawn hearse that was parked out in front of my gate!


To get into the party, guests had to enter through a wickedly haunted gate.

(Click HERE for my Haunted Entrance Gate tutorial)

They were cordially greeted at the gate by some of the locals…

After passing through the gate, party-goers found themselves winding along a dark scary hallway filled with things that go BUMP in the night.  They knew they had to survive through this to get to the other side …BWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!

Those who survived the entrance found themselves suddenly surrounded by an eerie graveyard…

A spirit that dwelled in the graveyard was seen floating across the party throughout the night…

(Click HERE for my Flying Axworthy Ghost tutorial)

There was also another frightful ghost that haunted the cemetery.  He slowly hovered up and down relentlessly, keeping watch over his cemetery.

(Click HERE for my Flying Crank Ghost tutorial)

Guests came across a second graveyard that had an eerie glow as a cold, ground-hugging fog crept through the lonely gravestones.

(Click HERE for my easy DIY Fog Chiller tutorial)

As guests wandered on they could here the sound of trickling water coming from a frightening fountain, nestled in the trees.

(Click HERE for my Skeleton Fountain Tutorial)

Beyond everything else, guests came up to a decrepit , weathered-looking shack that had a dim glow coming from within…

Looking thru the doorway they could make out an old, haggard-looking woman sitting in a chair…

She was a witch of course, waiting for the next brave soul to wander along to have their fortune told…

The room was dimly lit and illuminated with flickering candles everywhere

Black birds sat in and around a cage she had placed over by the windowsill

The room was adorned with a collection of macabre and ominous decorations

(Click HERE for my Skull Chandelier tutorial)

Upon leaving the witch’s den, guests noticed a hot batch of witches’ brew she had simmering right outside her shack

Long after the stroke of midnight (which announced the bewitching hour), guests found it was time to leave Country Hollow Ranch (known as ‘SLEEPY Hollow’ for Halloween) until next year…

What a frightfully fun night it was!!!   Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!


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  1. Brianna

    Your haunted house looks so awesome! You are very talented to be able to create all that. Great job!

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