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DIY Professional Fog Chiller!

DIY Professional Fog Chiller-Video

DIY Professional Fog Chiller

Have you ever wondered how to get that spooky, ground-hugging fog for your Halloween haunt? 

When using a fog machine by itself, the fog shoots out very hot, rising up into the air and then dissipates.  To get that awesome low-lying fog, the fog has to be cooled as it shoots out of the fog machine.  This fog chiller I made out of a kitty litter container does an excellent job at doing this!

This is actually one of the easiest fog chillers I’ve ever built, not to mention affordable, as it only cost about 20 bucks to make.

Remember, you’ll need a fog machine to use with this fog chiller (you can purchase an affordable fog machine like mine HERE)  You’ll also need fog juice to put into the fog machine (you can purchase a whole gallon of fog juice HERE)

This fog chiller is an exact replica of the actual ‘Cold Fusion Fog Chiller’ which sells online for $130.  This one will cost you about 20 bucks!

DIY Professional Fog Chiller-Tutorial

This is basically how it all works:  The fog machine shoots hot fog into the entrance opening which takes the fog into the upper ice chamber, then is cooled by falling down through the ice, and then exits out the bottom chamber.

There’s actually some controversy on the ‘correct’ way to use this chiller…some prefer to use it ‘backwards’ to get the same effect.  The hot fog rises through the ice, is cooled down, and then exits down and out of the ‘L’ shaped PVC pipe

I have personally tried it both ways and each way worked just as well, which is why I attached both entrance and exit openings at the same height so it can be used either way.


  • Hand drill
  • One 2 1/2in diameter hole saw
  • Hack saw (for cutting PVC pipe)
  • Wire nippers (for cutting wire mesh)


  • You will need one fog machine (any size) to use in conjunction with this fog chiller)
  1. One 35lb capacity flip lid kitty litter plastic container FREE! (if you don’t have cats, ask your cat loving friends!)
  2. One sheet of mesh (I used a grilling sheet for vegetables but you can find similar material in the roofing section at Home Depot or just plain chicken wire)
  3. Three 2in PVC couplings
  4. Two 2 1/8in long pieces of 2in diameter PVC pipe
  5. Four 8 1/2in pieces of 1/2in diameter PVC pipe
  6. One 8 1/2in piece of 2in diameter PVC pipe
  7. One 2in diameter right angle coupling
  8. One 1/2in diameter cross connector
  9. Four 3 1/4in pieces of 1/2in diameter PVC pipe
  10. Four 1/2in diameter right angle couplings

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image17.jpg

Measure and mark on the bucket where the fog will come out of the spout of your fog machine

With your drill and hole saw, drill a hole where your mark is

Do the same thing on the other side of the bucket so that you have two holes

Combine one 3 and one 4 together

Slide into one of the holes and sandwich the side of the bucket with another 3. Make sure to push together for a flush tight fit.

Now combine a 6, 7 and 4 so that it makes an ‘L’.  Grab another 3

Making sure the ‘L’ is on the inside of the bucket, combine it with the 3 which will be on the outside of the bucket.  Push tight together to make it flush

This is what the inside should look like.  The top of the ‘L’ should only be 1 or 2 inches below the lid

This is what the outside looks like

Combine the 5s, 10s, 9s, and 8 together.

Place into bucket.  It may be easier to wait to attach two of the front 5‘s till after it’s all in the bucket.  This whole contraption serves as part of the ‘ice shelf’ to hold the mesh in place.

Get your mesh ready

Cut or fold the mesh so it sits onto your pvc shelf that you just inserted.  The mesh and PVC fittings serve as an ‘ice shelf’ to hold the ice that will be added to cool the fog

Time to fill it with ice!

For less of a mess and easy clean up, I use frozen water bottles for the big areas  and then fill in the small areas with ice.  Then I just replace the thawed bottles with new frozen ones

Now just close the lid, put your fog machine up to it, and start making some awesome low lying fog!!

Want to print out this tutorial without the ads?

Click here to download my DIY Professional Fog Chiller PDF Printable Tutorial for only $5!


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  1. tyler Durden

    My daughter would like to try this. However, we don’t have a two inch drill bit so I’m thinking we could cut and file down the hole of the bucket then seal it using silicon.

    • Tee

      You could totally do that to! I actually had to borrow that large bit from my Dad (the guy who has everything) so I lucked out LOL. As long as you cut the hole pretty exact, you probably wouldn’t even need to silicon it, the couplings do a nice job sealing everything up if they are tight and flush to the bucket. Give er a try! 😉

  2. Remondo

    Works perfect! Tnx 😀

  3. Ronny

    Great dyi, how long does the ice appreciate last? I think that dry ice would also work but that is very hard to come by here in Belgium

    • Tee

      Thanks Ronny! The ice lasts a couple of hours or so. Dry ice would work just as well but it costs more than ice 😉

  4. LaLysa Bradford

    I have subscribed but can’t find the instructions for the fog cooler. It keeps taking me in circles. I can’t wait to make this. Great idea!

    • Tee

      Hi LaLysa!

      I just sent you another confirmation email as well as a personal one from myself to make sure you are receiving them. If you are still not receiving my emails, be sure to check your spam folder! 😉

      • And

        I’m having the same problem as lalysa… it’s taking me all over but no instructions… so I sent u a message on messenger please help ????

        • Tee

          Hi there!

          No problem, it’s usually a simple glitch that’s easily fixed. Hmm, for some reason I didn’t get your message on messenger…you can private message me HERE and make sure to include the email you signed up with, so I can get it fixed for you 😉

    • Jamie

      Does the surrounding are get wet/damp?

  5. Kelley Cappellini

    what happens when the ice starts to melt? Does it make a mess?

    • Tee

      Hi Kelley!

      No mess, the bottom of the bucket can hold about 4 inches of water so you simply dump the melted water out every couple of hours or so when you add new ice 😉 You can also use frozen water bottles instead of ice for an even easier clean up!

      • Jan Kivits

        I’m thinking to fill the bucket with loads of sealed electricity tubes filled with Ice. Small tubes to make the contact surface of the ice as big as possible. This way you have no leakage at all, simply take the tubes out and put new ones in there.Or another way would be to add a little water tap at the bottom of the bucket.

        • Tee

          That’s a great idea Jan! You will have to post a pic in the comment section when you are done, I’d love to see!

    • Jimmy Hernandez

      I used dry ice. No mess

  6. Nerissa Balzary

    Hello. Great tutorial I definitely want to make this. One question though. I live in Australia and our kitty litter doesn’t come in containers like this, any other suggestions for the container? Thanks Nerissa

    • Tee

      Hi Nerissa!

      Good question! You could always order a bucket online, HERE is a similar one. Ask them if they ship internationally. This bucket is a square as the kitty litter one I used is a rectangle, so you’ll have to probably tweak some of the measurements of the fittings slightly which should be pretty easy.
      Hope that helps!

  7. Sue Fuller

    Thanks for sharing your instructions. I can’t wait to try it out. I have a question though… have you had any issues with the fogger being too hot to put straight into the PVC pipe? Should the PVC pipe fit tightly on the fogger or just kind of line up to it? Thanks!

    • Tee

      Good question Sue! Actually I have not had any issues with how hot the machine gets but I have seen some people move their fog machine back, just a little (like an inch or two) and it works just as well. Give er a try!

    • Jimmy Hernandez

      You should give the fog solution time to mix with the air just a bit, leave at least an inch or two between the fog machine and the pvc pipe. That’s what makes the liquid turn to fog

  8. Tricia Meskel

    I am interested in the tutorial for the fog chiller. Thanks!

    • Tee

      Hi Tricia,
      No problem! My step-by-step tutorial for the chiller is available to all of my members so be sure to subscribe HERE for free to get instant access to it! ?

  9. Dan

    Thank you


    Tape down a large black trash bag at the out put pipe and make numerous razor slashes at the very end of this bag and see how low and WIDE SPREAD the traveling creep fog is distributed. It is amazing!

  11. Tee

    Hi Kim!
    Those are some good tips to remember! I’ll try the long tube going into the cooler and dry ice idea this year to see how that works!

  12. Matt Brunelle

    For the homemade fog machine, did you put fog juice in the machine or no.?

    • Tee

      Hi Matt,
      No I didn’t put fog juice in the homemade kitty litter fog cooler. I did put fog juice into the fog machine that sprays the hot fog into the homemade cooler, and the cooler cools the fog to make it lie low to the ground.

  13. Larry SooHoo

    Hi- You have a great site here, I love DIY stuff/crafts. I am logged in as a member and I am trying to find out how to make this chiller, but I don’t see the instructions on how to do this.


  14. Stan Skinner

    I would like to build the chiller. I subscribed, clicked on the link, logged in, clicked on the DIY Halloween section, clicked on the fog chiller and the plans never come up. It keeps sending me to the non subscriber section. Please help. Stan

  15. Amiah Yearby

    A few questions about the fog chiller. How much was the fog machine that you used? And how far does the fog spread, can it fill up a living room or do you need multiple to do that?

    • Tee

      Hi Amiah!
      In the video I used a 700 watt fog machine, which you can purchase on Amazon HERE for about 34 bucks…a 700 watt fogger will easily fill your living room with fog 😉

  16. bonnie massicotte

    so I want to do this for my outdoor graveyard. if the fogger is away from the kitty litter box does it still have fog going into the air? and how thick is it on ground? will my graves be able to be seen? your pics show it thick. graveyard is about 16×20 feet…also if it matters I am in Minnesota where Halloween can be quite cool. we even had the start of a 2 day storm with 16 inches of snow one year! would this work since outside air is cooled pretty much or will the fogger do it itself?

    • Tee

      Hi Bonnie!
      If the fog machine output is a couple inches away from the opening of the kitty litter container, the fog still shoots straight into the litter container and does not go into the air. The fog is thick but you can stop pressing the button of the fog machine any time if it starts to get too thick for the graves to be seen. You can also purchase a timer for your fog machine HERE which would allow you to set it to how much fog output you want and how frequently you want it to happen without having to manually push the button the whole night.
      As far as the weather being cold enough to cool your fog, I’m not really sure…that’s a good question! I live in a very hot climate and I’ve never run a fog machine in really cold weather before…

  17. Karen

    I am interested to know about how many square feet can your fog machine make?

    • Tee

      I have a 700 watt fog machine that I use with my fog chiller that fills about 1200 square feet with fog 🙂

  18. Karen

    Hi, thanks for the turorial. Can’t wait to try it. But can you tell me why you need the wire or grill over the bottom of the container. Is this necessary or could you just fill up your container with ice without using wire to raise the ice off the bottom.

    • Tee

      Hi Karen, the wire holds the ice from pouring out of the hole at the bottom side of the container.

      • Karen O'Shea

        Oh.ok thank you. I’ve seen some that have a tunnell going straight through the ice. Does yours work better with the pipe going up to the lid or does it work just as good with a dryer hose covered in ice going straight through the bucket.

        • Tee

          I’ve actually made coolers to where the tunnel goes straight through…it was a lot of work and very time consuming. The kitty litter fog chiller works just as well and is so much easier to make! So yes, it works just as well with a lot less trouble 😉

          • Karen O'Shea

            Thank you for the advice. I have been getting confused with all the different chiller tutorials that ive found. Im going to go with yours as it does sound the easiest. Just another question though, if i drilled a very small hole in the bottom of the bucket would that help the melted ice to run away, so no need to be emptied or would the fog escape instead.

          • Tee

            I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem if you did that, you may have a trickle of fog escape, but I don’t think it would be anything to worry about

        • Jimmy Hernandez

          Dee’s method works great because the fog is forced to make contact with the dry ice or regular ice before it can escape through the exhaust pipe. Remember that anything that comes between the ice and the fog (aluminum, rubber, metal, etc) keeps it from cooling that much more.

  19. Ed Barnett

    just curious… if you ran the pipe all the way through, and filled the bucket with ice, wouldn’t cool the pipe enough so the fog would still lie low?

    • Ed Barnett

      Another question…. Is the purpose of the mesh to keep the ice out of the outlet or does it create a clear space when the fog drops back down?
      I saw your hint on using the frozen water bottles and was wondering if you could also put them under the mesh as well?


      • Tee

        You got it! Actually, I don’t see why you couldn’t put the water bottles below the mesh also…the more ice the better! good idea!

    • Tee

      Good question Ed, In my opinion the pvc pipe is somewhat insulated and I just don’t think it would get as cold as it would when the fog physically passes through the ice like it does in the kitty litter cooler. I’ve made coolers in the past like the one you’re talking about and they do work, but you need to use metal piping (preferably copper so it doesn’t rust). The reason for the metal is so that it can get cold enough. Then you have to seal the metal piping on both ends of the ice chest so it doesn’t leak and that was a complete nightmare…LOL Also, the longer the fog is in the cooler, the colder it gets. You would need an ice chest with metal tubes going long ways for the fog to get cold so that it stays in the ice chest for a longer time…the kitty litter container just isn’t long enough width-wise for the fog to get cold enough before it would leave the cooler. Hope that helps!

  20. Anthony Bivona

    Very hard to get the fog chilled enough in New York when the air temp is only 50degrees!

  21. Jimmy Bell

    Hi Tee, I wanted to let you know that I was finally able to get the instructions for making the fog machine, I can’t wait to build this.

  22. cat hartel

    Very excited about this simple tutorial – I am working to help a underfunded, low/no budget high school theatre department doing the Addams Family Musical for this spring – a lot of talented kids with very little financial support and this will help immensely in the graveyard scenes!! I’ll send pictures when we’re done – thanks again for sharing!

  23. Me Myself

    So where are these plans i subscribed for!?

    • Tee

      Hi there,

      If you’re having problems logging in, you can shoot me an email HERE and include the email you subscribed with, so I can look you up and see what the problem is. Usually it’s just a small glitch that’s easily fixed 😉


  24. Jimmy Bell

    I just finished my ground fogger by following your directions. Can’t wait to try it out.

  25. Jimmy Bell

    Got to try my ground fogger tonight, works great. thanks again Tee.

  26. Jimmy Hernandez

    Thanks for these wonderful ideas, Tee. You have quite a creative mind. Bought all the stuff I need except for the wire mesh, which I’m going to buy tomorrow and attempt to put this together over the weekend. Just wanted to let you know that there seems to be an issue accessing your complete DIY tutorials even though one is logged in to your site. The only way I could manage to view the entire tutorials is by clicking on the link from the confirmation email and then accessing them from my Member Profile. Hope this helps in resolving the issue.

    • Tee

      Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Jimmy! Next time you log in try opening the log-in link in a different browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Etc.)…sometimes browsers get messed up when we’re using them for no apparent reason. Let me know if that helps!

      • Jimmy Hernandez

        Yeah, I tried that. I usually use Chrome. I tried IE & FF, but still noticed I had to access the site via this confirmation link:

        It would take me to my member profile and I’d see 3 tutorials (Wine Bottle tiki torch, Fog Chiller, & pool noodle coral reef).

        Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful ideas. I did notice a few things when purchasing the items and building the fog chiller.
        1) In your materials list you have this:
        Three 2 1/8in pieces of 2in diameter PVC pipe

        However, I noticed I only needed 2 pieces when building the chiller. One for each hole drilled. Not sure if I missed any steps or didn’t notice where you used the third one.

        2) You also mention in your materials list that you need:
        One 1/2in diameter tee coupling

        This is a tad misleading as what you actually used was a four-way or cross connector. The T connector will only allow for 3 pieces to interconnect. No biggie since they’re only about $0.65 each but still thought you’d like to know.

        All I need is to purchase the Cross connector and I’ll be ready to try it out. I’m going to use some landscaping plastic mesh instead of the wire one and see how that works out. I had some just sitting in my shed that I forgot I had. I’ll double up on it if I notice it’s flimsy at first. Also, have you tried experimenting with the exit nozzle? I saw a video where you could use a box or other item and made the exit sort of flat. This would allow the fog to dissipate in a more spread out fashion. I’m going to try different methods and see which one creates a more eery effect.

        One last thing, I’ve seen some videos where you could make your own fog juice using some glycerine and some distilled water. Just curious if you’ve ever tried this and what your opinion of it was. Seems like another way to save some money.

        • Tee

          Thank you so much for the heads up about on the signing in part…I’m definitely going to look into that. Sometimes these darned computers can glitch with certain things and they really keep me on my toes LOL.
          You are right about only needing two pieces of 2in diameter PVC and also the Cross connector, I’ll be correcting those mistakes shortly! (Sometimes these tutorials get so detailed that I have been known to make a little mistake here and there) LOL
          I have also seen the tutorial about the cardboard box having a more flat exit for the fog. You’ll have to let me know how that works if you try it!
          Also, I’m curious about the recipes for making your own fog juice! Let me know if you try that also 🙂

          • Jimmy Hernandez

            Dee, just wanted to let you know that the fog chiller was a success and hit with all the trick or treaters! Unfortunately, it was a rainy and humid night here in Houston, TX (it’s 80+ degrees right now in December. LOL) so that kind of threw a wrench into our plans but eventually the rain stopped and we had such fun. I ended up trying regular ice but then got some dry ice and the difference was huge. WAY better results with the dry ice. Also, I went with a flexible wire mesh that my neighbor gave me and it worked beautifully. I didn’t get a chance to experiment in making my own fog juice but I’ll be sure to let you know how that works out later. There’s a lot DIY videos on YT that show you how to make your own. Thanks for your great ideas and I’m going to check back for your other tutorials. (FYI, I’m still having issues easily accessing the complete tutorials on your site even though I’m logged in already.)

          • Tee

            So glad the rain stopped and you were able to proceed with your haunt! I’ll definitely try the dry ice next year as it sounds like it worked well for you. Not sure why you’re still having issues with logging in…I wrote into the management who I acquired the software from and they don’t seem to have an answer which puzzles me because they usually always fix any glitches that I have. If I find anything out I’ll definitely let you know 🙂

  27. Nathan Huang

    Hey! Can I use a bucket instead of the kitty litter box?

    • Tee

      I’m sure you could, you may have to tweak the measurements of the pvc pipe a bit but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out!

  28. Ray

    How does it work outside? Also how much area does it cover when running?

    • Tee

      Hi Ray,

      It all depends on the size of the fog machine that you have but I would say roughly a 168 square foot area (give or take) It will cover more ground if the wind isn’t blowing and less ground if there is a breeze. Hope that helps!

  29. Carmen Bryce

    Hi. So how exactly do you make this fog chiller? There’s no instructions and what materials are needed. Thank you.


    • Tee

      Hi Carmen,
      Of course I can help!
      Ok let’s try this first…open the log-in link in a different browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Etc.)…sometimes browsers get messed up when we’re using them for no apparent reason.
      Here’s the login link:
      This fixes the problem almost every time. Let me know if you still need help! 😉

  30. Lee Ide

    I can’t find the link for the directions? I see a bunch of advertisements for pdf’s.

    • Tee

      Hi Lee!

      Ok let’s try this first:
      Open the log-in link in a different browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Etc.). Sometimes browsers get messed up when we’re using them for no apparent reason.
      Here’s the login link:
      This almost always fixes the problem. If you’re still having trouble, let me know and I’ll fix it for you 😉

  31. mac MCGILL

    our kitty litter fog machine not real self explanatory. a diagram of the pipe would be of interest. have you tried a hair dryer as the hot air blower? I the commercial fog juice needed? what is the commercial fog liquid ingredients.
    side bar interest: what part of the country are u in. accolades on the very attractive photo of tiffany

    • Tee

      Hi Mac,

      The whole tutorial on how to build the fog chiller is available for free to all of my subscribers. You can subscribe HERE.
      The fog chiller is used with a regular fog machine. Normally when fog shoots out of a fog machine, the fog is hot and it rises into the air. To keep the fog cool, you need to use my DIY Kitty Litter Fog Chiller with the fog machine. I hope that helps!

  32. Ashleigh

    If you have to buy a fog machine? To make a fog machine? Then why make one?

    • Tee

      Hi Ashleigh,

      This is a fog CHILLER that is used in conjunction with a fog machine. If you’ve ever used a fog machine, the fog rises rapidly and disappears when it shoots out. To get that low lying fog like you see on the movies, the fog needs to be chilled after it comes out of the fog machine so that it stays low to the ground (which is what my fog chiller does). Hope that helps!

  33. Byron

    Hello!! Great chiller by the way!! Can I use a round 5 gal. Bucket. I have two dogs instead of a cat! Or will the shape play a significance. I’m trying it this year..wahoo!

    • Tee

      Hi Byron!

      I’ll bet you could make it work for a 5 gallon bucket…you may have to tweak a few of the inside PVC fitting sizes a tad bit, but not much. I think you could do it! If so, make sure to download a pic in this comment section…I’d love to see it!

  34. Stacy

    I would love the instructions… Please!

    • Tee

      Hi Stacy!

      Ok let’s try this first…open the log-in link in a different browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Etc.)…sometimes browsers get messed up when we’re using them for no apparent reason. (This almost always fixes the problem with those having trouble logging in)
      Here’s the login link:
      I also emailed you so if you’re still having trouble, let me know and I’ll fix it for you 😉

      • keith pederson

        I learned that a very economical alternative to store bought fog solution that can be diy created.
        1/3 glycerin 2/3 water
        Stir and have fun.
        1 bottle of glycerin cost me $3.88 @ Walmart in the medical supplies area.
        So far it has produced two tankfulls.
        Glycerin is a great staple to have on hand for things like soap making

        • Tee

          WOW Keith!!!

          I think I’ll head on over to Wal-mart and get some right now, gotta stock up for tomorrow night! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Nico34

    Stupid question but question…..the fogger is supposed to be plug at the straight side pipe or at the “L”side? Does it make a difference?

    • Tee

      Not a stupid question! I’ve tried it both ways and have found that it’ll work just fine either way.

  36. David

    Hi, thank you for this project, it’s working pretty good for us despite the cold temps here right now and on Halloween!

    We’re having some issue with the smoke leaking out of the lid. Have any of you had this issue? We’re trying to brainstorm ways to make a better seal while still being able to access the bucket to drain and change out ice.

    Also, we feel like the legs could be further down in the bucket creating a larger ice reservoir. Has anyone experimented with this?

    • Tee

      Hi David! Mine leaks a little bit, but not a whole lot to be concerned about. If you figure out how to seal it let me know! I have not experimented with the legs being further down but give it a try, as it’s only PVC and easily replaced…let me know if you try this also!

  37. Carol

    How does a person make it NOT so noisy? Im mean if you had a burned dummy frying in a electric chair THAT would fit in, along with looking like smoke. Some experts create matching SMELLS to be especially creepy

    • Tee

      Hi Carol!
      You can attach a dryer hose vent to the end of the fog chiller which would enable you to move the chiller and the fog machine further away from wherever you want the fog to be. This would move the sound further away, making it quieter.

  38. Paul lorentzen

    interesting methods for fog chiller. Have tried several of the ideas with success. Thanks for your efforts and time. much appreciated and fun.

  39. Benjiman Smith

    Do you think I could use an empty dry laundry detergent container rather than a cat litter container? I tried a different concept but it failed last year so I want to get started early on this one.

    • Tee

      Hi Benjiman,
      It could probably work, but the cuts of the supplies would probably differ a little…I guess you won’t know till you try it!

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