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DIY Rustic Wooden Turkey for Fall

My “DIY Rustic Wooden Turkey for Fall” was featured on The Pioneer Woman (see pic below).  To view it at The Pioneer Woman, click HERE.

DIY Rustic Wooden Turkey for Fall

This past weekend I traveled over to my grandparent’s house.  Apparently Mom wanted the same replica of this cute little turkey that has been greeting visitors at Grandma’s front door every fall for years.  Since Grandpa was the one who had made Grandma’s turkey, we needed his expertise on making another one to add to Mom’s fall décor collection.  Naturally, this was the PERFECT opportunity to make an awesome tutorial so I quickly dashed on down to Grandma and Grandpa’s, where all the action would be…it was time for a family project!

DIY Rustic Wooden Turkey for Fall Tutorial


  • TeeDiddlyDee-Wooden Turkey Pattern
  • Pencil-for tracing stencil onto wood
  • Tape-to tape paper patterns together
  • Plywood-4ft x4ft at 3/4 thickness
  • 1x4s-approx 16ft (we used old fence panels that already had the ‘dog ear’ cut at the tips) If you buy new wood, you can make the wood look old with my DIY weathered wood stain
  • Box of Wood Screws-1 1/4in long
  • Spray paint-red & black


  • Jigsaw
  • Sander
  • Hand Drill with bits
  • Scissors-to cut patters out 


Print out patterns, tape together the patterns with more than one page, and cut them all out

Trace patterns onto plywood and cut out.  Mom cut out the wood pieces with a jigsaw

She then used the sander to fix some of those jagged mistakes 🙂

Grandma sprayed all of the body parts black

Then she sprayed the two wobbles red with a quick spritz of black on the bottoms

The feathers were left natural…no paint

Assembling the Body and Head:

Dad screwed the head and center circle together, making sure to drill in through the back of the center circle.  Here he is showing the pilot holes he made before screwing it all together.  (Click HERE to learn about pilot holes)

This is how he layed it out to drill it together…

Tuh-Duh!  Grandpa approves!

Then Dad attached the body by first centering it all…

…and carefully flipping it all over to drill in through the back of the body.

Attaching the Feet:

The footsies were screwed on through the bottom…sorry for the fuzzy pic!

We attached the feet so that the smaller toes were on the inside.  Also, the feet don’t have to be perfectly straight…in fact, they look cute when they splay outwards a little.  Attach yours how you like them best!

Adding the Feathers:

Screw on the feathers, starting with the middle feather first.  We placed the bottom of the middle feather approx. 3 inches down from the outer part of the circle, but you can adjust yours how you like.

After attaching the middle feather, work down until all of the feathers are attached on each side.  The side feathers have a slanted side and a straight side so make sure to place them as shown

Here is another example of how the feathers are supposed to lay.  The left side is opposite from the right

We used two screws for each feather

Attaching the Wobbles:

Screw the 2 wobbles onto the neck with one screw, making sure the wider end hangs down

To give him more of a rustic look, you can ‘rough up’ some of the edges with sandpaper.  Otherwise, this little turkey is done! Gobble Gobble!

Grandma added a little bandana that dressed him right up!

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  1. Karen

    This is the cutest little Thanksgiving turkey I have ever seen! Thanks for the pattern. We will be making this for sure, next year! I sure do enjoy your blog! Great ideas! Happy Thanksgiving Tee!

  2. Jessie Hamm

    Do you have plans how to make the turkey feathers.

    • Tee

      Hi Jessie,

      I sure do! It’s under ‘Supplies’ at the top of the post called ‘Rustic Wooden Turkey Pattern’. You can print out the pattern on your printer and then trace the pattern onto your wood. Hope that helps!

  3. carol wenthur

    I love it will get on in today making this

  4. carol wenthur

    I do not see the pattern for the turkey feather either, and I have printed the pattern

    • Tee

      Hi Carol,
      You are right! Thanks for letting me know…I’ll get this fixed right away! My site has been under construction and there have been all sorts of glitches to tackle, lucky me! LOL I’ll let you know when the working pattern is back up! 🙂

    • Tee

      Ok the turkey feather pattern is up! Thanks for your patience and happy building! 🙂

  5. b

    wow, this is super cute!

  6. How cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. Burt Graham

    what are the lengths of the feathers on your design Burt

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