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DIY Rustic Christmas Santa Mailbox

My “DIY Rustic Christmas Santa Mailbox” was featured on Country Living (see pic below). To view it at Country Living, click HERE.

DIY Rustic Christmas Santa Mailbox

Did you ever send a wish list to Santa when you were little?  Wasn’t it a magical time?

Now you can re-create those special memories for your own kids with this adorable Santa mailbox that delivers their letters directly to Santa at the North Pole!

I love how you can place this mailbox anywhere you like…on a shelf in the house, on the front porch, or you can do what I did and place it on a stump that I found in my firewood pile.  It worked great!

DIY Rustic Christmas Santa Mailbox Tutorial


  • Hole saw bit (you’ll need this only if you use plug-in lights as you’ll drill a hole into the bottom of the mailbox. Make sure the hole saw is big enough to bore a hole large enough to string your lights through)
  • Electric hand drill with bits (to drill a couple of holes in the top of mailbox to wire your greenery on.  My mailbox already had holes so I didn’t need to do this)
  • Sandpaper (60 grit)


  1. Mailbox (old or new)
  2. Letter stencils and sponge paint applicator
  3. Matte acrylic paint or chalk paint and paintbrush
  4. Christmas greenery to add to the top of mailbox (I wired mine on with floral wire)
  5. Fairy lights (battery powered or plug-in) I bought my battery powered lights HERE













Battery powered lights vs. Plug-in lights:   Since I prefer having both options of either using batteries to run my lights, or having a cord that plugs into a socket (which will save my batteries), I ordered myself a SWITCH IT plug in (shown in below pic).  This way I can use my batteries for times when my sign is on display where there’s no electric plug-in socket.  If there IS an electric socket nearby, I simply take my batteries out, put in the ‘fake’ batteries (that are attached to my SWITCH IT plug), then plug it into the socket!  (It’s so easy, I just love this thing!)  You can order one HERE.

Prep and Painting:

If you’re using an old mailbox, make sure to peel off the old letters and sand off any roughness with your sandpaper.

Brush on a couple coats of paint.

My flag was originally red and I decided to keep it that way by brushing on a couple coats of new paint.

Stenciling Letters:

Stencil on the letters by first dipping your sponge applicator into your paint, and dabbing off any excess before applying.  Then carefully dab onto stencils.

Distress Mailbox:

With your sandpaper, rub off the paint in a few places to give the mailbox an old worn look.  I usually look for raised areas to rub away such as the lines that run along the mailbox

Adding Greenery, Lights & Embellishments:

Add your greenery.  My mailbox had a few holes at the top of it that I was able to wire my greenery on.  If your mailbox doesn’t have any holes, you’ll have to drill a couple

If you choose to use the battery pack lights, simply place the pack way at the back of the mailbox

I just ran the light string out the top of the opening of the mailbox.  You could also drill a hole in the top of the mailbox and run the lights through to the top if you prefer.

If you choose to have plug-in lights, you’ll have to drill a hole in the bottom of the mailbox with the hole saw.

The greenery is on and sparkly with lights!  Santa’s mailbox is finished and ready to send those letters to the North pole!!

DIY Rustic Christmas Santa Mailbox


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  1. I love this, now to find myself a mailbox!

  2. Very Cute project…and great tutorial! Love the tree stump–perfect height for kids!

  3. This is so fun and love the added lights. So fun for kids too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love it so super cute,,, what a great idea for all the little ones
    come see us at

  5. Very cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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