Doesn’t this look like fun to do with the kids???  Well let me tell ya…It is!!!

I actually learned how to do this from my 11 year old neighbor (Hayden) who came over to play every day with my friend’s kids last summer (whom I watched during summer break)

One random day I remember hanging out in the kitchen, talking with the kiddos on what they wanted to do…Hayden blurted out, “How bout we make soap snakes!”

Well heck, I’d never even heard of a soap snake…and this sounded interesting, AND FUN!  So as he listed off the supplies we would need, I quickly ran around the house gathering everything up (which only took just a couple of minutes by the way!)

Tools & Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Rubber band
  1. Dish soap
  2. Empty plastic water bottle
  3. Container (for holding soapy water)
  4. Old sock

Cut plastic water bottle in half, keeping the top piece (you won’t be needing the bottom piece)

Cut sock in half, keeping the bottom end (you won’t be needing the top half so you can throw it away OR you can quickly turn it into a 5 minute iPod armband HERE)

Slip end of sock over the bottom open end of the plastic bottle

Secure sock with a rubber band at the neck of the spout

The spout will be where you’ll be blowing into

Fill container with water

Add dish soap to water (I added about 2 or 3tbs to my 1 pint-sized container of water)

Stir it all up

Dip sock into the soapy water, making sure most of the sock gets wet

Now watch as Hayden blows into the spout…

Look at all of those bubbles!!!

The kids and I were WOWED!!

…even little Pootie the Pug was impressed!

Now it’s your turn to go out and give er’ a try!

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