DIY Sea Party Ideas

A few weeks ago I helped throw an ‘Under the Sea’ party for some good friends. We wanted the guests to feel as though they walked straight into the bottom of the sea when they entered through the doors. With all of the food and decorations, the party was a huge success! It was so well received, I’m sharing my most favorite ideas that we did!)

Pool Noodle Coral Reef

You will LOVE this Pool Noodle Coral Reef!  It can be made as large and spectacular and you want and will set the scene for your Under the Sea Party!  You will get so many compliments if you follow my tutorial!!  Check it out HERE!


Paper Lantern Jellyfish

The Paper Lantern Jellyfish are the most awesome of all the sea creatures you can make!  They are fun to make and really make it look and feel like you are Under the Sea!  Check out my tutorial HERE!


Googly Eye Puffer Fish

These adorable little creatures are the cutest ever and are so cute peeking around your food, your shells, and under the Pool Noodle Seaweed!  They are so fast and easy to make!  Check out my tutorial Here! 


Crabby Croissant Sandwiches

Your guests will oooh and ahhh when you bring out these adorbale little crabby sandwiches!  Who can resist these tempting little creatures!  Be sure to check out my tutorial and delicious chicken recipe HERE!


Fishing Hole Punch Bowl

What kid wouldn’t want to  drink out of this fun fishing bowl!  Check out my tutorial and how to create my special “Sea Water Punch” Here!


Oyster Cookies

Don’t these little Oyster Cookies look adorable!  Who wouldn’t want to take a bit out of these delicious and easy to make “Under the Sea” Treats!  Check out my tutorial Here!


Paper Plate Porthole

These Adorable Paper Plate Portholes are fun to put on the doors before you enter into your “Under the Sea” Party!  They  help set the Under the Sea”  tone to your party before entering. Be sure to check out my tutorial HERE!