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DIY Old Sock iPod / Cellphone Armband

Well it’s the new year and ever since the holidays hit, I’ve reluctantly started to notice that my waistline has been creeping into unwanted territory…Grrrr!  As I zipped up my jeans while sucking in my little muffin top, I couldn’t help thinking back to all of the ‘oh so yummy’ turkey stuffing that I ate…AND the platefuls of pumpkin pie that I devoured…oh ya, and I couldn’t forget the gravy-smothered mashed potatoes soaked up with those fluffy buttered rolls.  Mmmmmm.

Ugh, this was pathetic.  I was getting hungry just thinking about it all!!!  I had realized that my holiday pig-out days were over (until next season) and it was time to dig out my workout clothes and iPod to try and burn off some of these extra pounds!


Until I remembered what I forgot to ask for Christmas, an iPOD armband!

Hmmm, I sure didn’t want to carry around my iPOD in my hand like last year. So I gathered up an old sock and some scissors, and rigged up my own little armband.  By the way, this armband works great for cellphones also!

Tools & Supplies:

  • One old sock
  • Scissors

Cut the top half of the sock from the bottom half as you’ll only be using the top half.  If you have a large iPod, you may want to cut a longer top piece.

I was boring and used a black sock, but if you’re a little more daring, dig out one of those funky striped ones!

Just pull the bottom of the sock over the bottom of the iPod and pull up, making a ‘pocket’ for it to sit in…

Keep pulling up until the iPod is secure.

My little sock armband held onto my iPod perfectly during my workout AND it was just as comfortable as it was practical 😉


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