These oyster cookies (also known as clam cookies) are such a cute addition to any sea party!  With their delicious white candy pearl sandwiched in between two yummy cookie shells, they’re hard to resist!  These cookies are a lot of fun to make and I love watching the faces of my party guests as they walk up to the refreshment table and spot these delicious little gems!

Tools & Supplies:

  • Packet of large white Sixlets (found at Walmart or WinCo Foods)
  1. Pack of oyster or clam shaped cookies (I bought Baker’s Batch shortbread cookies at the Dollar store)-2 shortbread cookies will make up one oyster cookie, so buy as many packs as needed
  2. Blue frosting (you can buy white frosting at the 99 Cent Store and add blue dye or buy it already blue at from a grocery store.
  3. Piping bag with a star tip

Lay out the bottom shortbread cookie, face down

Squeeze out a tall swirl of frosting at about 2 or 2 1/2 inches in height for the top cookie to sit on.  This way the oyster is opened up more and shows off it’s little pearl nicely.

Place candy pearl onto side of frosting

Place second cookie gently onto frosting, making sure to tilt it at one end

Now sprinkle a bed of sand (brown sugar) onto a serving plate and carefully transfer cookies over.  CUTE!!!

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