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DIY Motion Sensor for Halloween Props

DIY Motion Sensor for Halloween Props-Video

DIY Motion Sensor for Halloween Props

These Halloween motion sensors are absolutely awesome to set off Halloween props!  They work great for any prop that plugs into an outlet, whether it’s a simple electric jack-o-lantern that you want lit up when a trick-or-treater walks by, or something more complex like a ghoul that suddenly jumps out and scares everyone.  Just plug it in and watch your prop come to life when it senses movement!   (oh, and it only takes about 10 minutes to put one of these awesome sensors together!)

DIY Motion Sensor for Halloween Props-Tutorial

Tools & Supplies:

  1. Wire cutters
  2. Knife
  3. Flathead Screwdriver
  4. Philips Screwdriver
  5. Hand drill with bits
  6. Wire Strippers
  7. Electrical plug cover
  8. Electrical plug
  9. Extension cord (I used one 12ft in length)
  10. Wire connector cap
  11. Gang box (1/2in, 3 hole)
  12. Motion Sensor


Check out my video tutorial on how to put it all together:

All you have to do is plug your prop into the outlet

As soon as I pass my hand by the sensor, my jack-o-lantern turns on.


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  1. Brad Deyton

    About some LED lights to use outdoors for making Halloween Eyes, and put inside of PVC pipe .. any ideas on how to maybe do you like your bridge and make a face or glowing eyes like coming out of the brick wall. Thanks love you ideas and will try smoke machine soon

    • Tee

      The led eyes and the face coming out of the wall are great ideas Brad! I’ll have to see what I can come up with and maybe do a ‘how to’ post in the future about it! 😉

  2. Tee

    Hi Pam! There was a little glitch that I’ve since fixed…try it again! 🙂

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