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Easy DIY Fluffy Pet Blanket

I decided to do this tutorial because of popular demand.  This pet pad is actually the one I made to place into my really popular Recycled Baby Bassinet Pet Bed seen below.  Click HERE to see the tutorial.

This project is SOOOO easy!  All I used to make this pet pad was a large piece of imitation Faux Fur.  The faux fur makes for a non-bulky, fluffy, soft pad that you can either place into a basket, or just lay it out flat.  It’s also really easy to clean as I simply just throw it in the washing machine and let it air dry.


Tools & Supplies:

  • Fake Faux fur (4ft x 2ft) My finished bed measures 1ft 10in both ways, but you can easily adjust the size that you need
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread (you can easily sew this blanket by hand)

I purchased my fake faux fur fabric from Amazon, here are a few colors they offer:





My finished bed measures 1ft 10in both ways, but you can easily adjust the size that you need

4-5-2015 10-42-26 AM

First unroll and cut fabric to the length you want.  I cut mine 4ft x 2ft

Now make sure fur side is facing up

4-5-2015 9-40-00 AM

Fold in half with fur side  sandwiched together on the inside

4-5-2015 9-43-11 AM

Pin all 3 open sides together

4-5-2015 9-49-42 AM

Sew all three sides together leaving an opening on one side to be able to flip fabric right side out

4-5-2015 9-53-18 AM

Turn fur right side out

It’s definitely a hit 😉


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  1. Liz

    Love your DIYs ! Great ideas. Also love that you have chickies !
    Me too ! Love my girls.

    • Tee

      Thank you for your sweet comments! I love my chickies and ducks so much too! Thank you for visiting!

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