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Recycled Baby Bassinet Pet Bed

So what do ya think?  Adorable eh???

By the way, this works great for small dogs as well!

I was sitting at the computer recently trying to figure out how to make an ‘off the ground’ pet bed for my cat.  The other one was always cluttering up the floor and I wanted something new and unique.  I was browsing through Amazon.com for affordable baskets that might make a good pet bed, but couldn’t find a thing that would do the trick.

UNTIL I came across a wicker baby bassinet.  I must have stared at it for a good minute or two and then turned my head sideways.

THATS IT!!!!!!  That’s my new kitty bed!!!

When turned sideways, the hood of the bassinet makes a perfect ‘cup’ to hold my kitty while she sleeps. It was so simple!  (So I bought the bassinet).

‘Skittles’ fits perfect into her new bed (as she is about 10 lbs), but my other cat ‘Mina’ who weighs about 22 lbs (no I’m not kidding) is a little TOO large for this.  I would need to probably buy a bigger bassinet for Mina (sorry girl!).  So I would say any dog or cat that is around 10-12 pounds will fit into this pet bed nicely.  Here is where I bought this particular baby bassinet.  Being from Amazon, it was by far the most affordable one I could find anywhere.  If you know of anywhere else to get a larger affordable bassinet, comment below as I would like to share and also make another one for my (overweight) kitty!

*Click HERE to see how I made the easy fluffy blanket that fits into the bed or ‘cup’ of the bassinet


  • hand drill with bits


  • Full Sized Baby Bassinet (make sure to get one that is stiff and sturdy as there are some out there that are not made of stiff material which will not work for this project)
  1. 2 1/2in wood screws (I used 2 but I recommend 4 for extra sturdiness)
  2. 1/4in (inner diameter hole) washers (get 4 as you will be using them with wood screws)
  3. 3 1/2yds of wide ribbon (I used burlap ribbon but use whatever matches the décor of your home)
  4. Plant hanger (about 9in long) with mounting screws

3-23-2014 3-06-22 PM

Mount bassinet to the wall with the four wood screws and washers.

3-23-2014 3-48-18 PM

Hang your plant hanger above the bassinet

3-23-2014 3-49-18 PM

Drape the ribbon underneath basket, pulling both ends up to the hook, and tie a bow.  This makes the bassinet look cute, like it’s actually hanging from the ribbon instead of the screws 😉

3-23-2014 3-50-33 PM

Now just cover the screws and washers with a cute sign or pic of your pet, and place a nice soft blanket in the bed or ‘cup’ part 😉  That’s it!

Looks like she’s sleeping on a cloud 🙂


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  1. Michelle Sherman

    Could you tell me how you made the cuddly blanket in the cat’s bassinet sleeper?

    • Tee

      Of course Michelle! In fact for my next post, I’ll do a tutorial on how I made it. Make sure to subscribe to my site so that when I do post it, you will be notified via email 😉

  2. OMG this is awesome! I saw this picture elsewhere, but now I know who the author is. You are SO creative!! 🙂 Hugs to your fur baby! 🙂 xox Natalie at Ozzi Cat Magazine

    • Tee

      Hi Natalie!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Who would have thought my little ‘Skittles’ and her baby bassinet bed would attract the attention of you? Awesome!!! Thanks for the kind words! 😉

  3. Donna

    Please send any new posts to how you made cat basket bed. Or a newsletter

  4. Lisa

    Omg,i love this going to try it

  5. Carol Tratz

    Hi Tee,
    I am from San Tan Valley so hi to you in Gilbert! I am so in love and want to make your recycled bassinet pet bed but I am having a devil of a time trying to find the wicker bassinet. Do you have a source you use or have an idea on where to find one. I would really appreciate any input also on the burlap ribbon. Thank you so much! By the way you are one creative gal!! Keep up the good work. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Again thank you, Carol

    • Tee

      Hi Carol! I used to live in San Tan Valley! I’m so glad you visited! The basket I used is sometimes called a “Moses basket.” I found a few on Wayfair. I hope you find one you like! Thank you for your sweet comments!

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