I wanted to share with you a quick trick I use when keeping my flowers upright in mason jars.  It’s called a ‘Frog Lid’.  (Don’t ask me where it got it’s name since frogs have nothing to do with arranging flowers!)

I also have learned that a little chicken wire can make some great frog lids.  Since I have chickens, there’s a plentiful supply of chicken wire stuffed in the corner of my shed.  In just a few minutes, I can have a couple of these lids ready to go!

(This works great for fake OR real flowers)


  • some chicken wire (enough to cover the opening of a mason jar)
  • Wire cutters
  • Outer ring of a mason jar lid

I basically just use the mason jar ring as a template.  Simply flip the ring upside down and cut wire to size with wire cutters, making sure to cut wire on the INSIDE of the ring

After the wire is cut to size it should just ‘click’ into place when pushed.  That’s it!  No glue, no mess.


Now just screw the lid onto your mason jar and add those flowers!