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DIY Apple Candles for Fall

Make Simple Elegant Candles from Apples

What a clever little trick, eh?  These colorful apples candles are festive and very inexpensive to make! The best part is that they actually last for a few weeks. Just change out the candle for a new one when needed.  Set them on the dinner table as a holiday centerpiece or place them throughout the house for an elegant ambiance. You will not find a faster, simpler DIY than these!

By the way, my horse Sassy is a big fan of these after I’m done with them! 😉

Make Simple Elegant Candles from Apples  – Tutorial


  • A few apples
  • Tea lights


  • Hole saw -the same circumference as your candles (if you don’t have one just use a spoon).  I used a 40 mm hole saw when I made mine.
  • Spoon


To make a perfect little hole the same depth as your tea lights, use a hole saw bit and drill out the candle top.

Next, use a spoon to pry up and pop out the hole you just made.

That was easy! You now have a perfect sized hole for your candle!

Last, place the candle into the hole.

Now just light ’em up and watch ’em sparkle!

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  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma’s house we go link party, see you next week!

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