This wineglass candle is not only easy to throw together in literally 5 minutes, but it gives such an elegant look at the same time.  I’ve used this as a centerpiece more than once at my table and every time it looks just as beautiful!

All you need is a handful of sparkly ornaments to fill the cup part of the wineglass but you can really use just about anything you want…cranberries, peppermints, pine tree trimmings, etc… just use your imagination!  Then you just place a small candle or tea light at the top of the glass and light it up.  This works great as a dining table centerpiece since it’s small and doesn’t take up too much space 😉


  • Wine glass
  • Small votive candle (my candle was 1 1/2 inches in diameter)
  • Small Christmas balls
  • Small 1 1/2in inner diameter decorative candle ring (I found mine at a local shop but you can also get one HERE)

There isn’t much to putting this one together…simply fill the wine glass with Christmas balls and flip it upside down.

Set your candle on top along with the candle ring and light it all up!

Beautiful!!!  Happy Holidays!!