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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

I absolutely LOVE my farmhouse table, as there are so many ways I can put it to use.  In the past, this cute table has served as a dining table, computer desk, and even just a decorative table to fill an area of the house that needed a little rustic touch.  Although I used new wood for this project, you can also use old-weathered pallet wood.  It was extremely simple to build, as it only took one evening!



  • Chop Saw
  • Hand drill with bits
  • Sander (I used a belt sander to round off all the edges of the wood)
  • Tape measure


  • Box of 3in wood screws
  • Box of 1 1/4 wood screws (I prefer the black color because they look more rustic)
  • DIY ‘old wood’ stain-see how to make it here (use if you are wanting your new wood to have that ‘old wood’ look like mine did after it was finished)
  • Polyurethane-clear, satin finish, oil based (this will darken and make wood look richer just like my ‘old wood’ finished table)
  1. Ten 1x4s at 4ft long (you can also use weathered pallet wood)
  2. Two 1x4s at 2ft 11 1/8in (you can also use weathered pallet wood)
  3. Four 2x4s at 2ft 4in (Legs)
  4. Two 2x4s at 4ft 1in (Tabletop outer brace)
  5. Two 2x4s at 2ft 7 5/6in (Tabletop outer brace)
  6. Three 2x4s at 2ft 4 13/16in (Tabletop inner brace)

With the 3in screws, screw the outer braces together (#s 4 and 5) To keep wood from splitting, make sure to drill pilot holes while screwing together!!  Learn how to drill a pilot hole here

Find the center and screw on one of the center braces

Screw legs on using four 3in screws for each leg

10-21-2013 12-56-48 PM

Screw on tabletop inner braces

Lay out the 1x4s for the tabletop and screw down with the 1 1/4 wood screws

(I like the rustic look so I basically just screwed the screws right down into the table top)


I smoothed the table and rounded out the edges with my sander

Since I used new wood, I stained the table with my Easy DIY Old Wood Stain to give it that weathered look.

After it was dry, I put three coats of polyurethane on it.

Lastly I gave the wood a very light sanding with a fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the polyurethane.  My table was done!



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  1. Looks good Tiffany and great tutorial too. I love how you styled it for Fall! Pinned

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