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Banish Pet Urine Odors for Good

After being gone all day running some errands, I came home to a smelly house.  I couldn’t figure out where the odor was coming from, so after a while of of walking around mimicking a hound dog performing a ‘sniffing the air’ investigation, my nose led me straight to the cabinet under the sink.  Hmm…I was afraid to look.  What on earth was smelling so bad under there???  After taking a deep breath I quickly swung both doors open to find what the culprit was that was causing such a stench.


Mina, one of my kitties (the kitty in the pics), suddenly sprung out as fast as she could!  She has a habit of opening cabinet doors with her paw and sneaking in.  This time the door must have stuck and she couldn’t get back out.  Boy did she leave me a nice smelly surprise inside. WHEW!!

I spent the next day or so disinfecting and scrubbing, trying to get rid of that awful stink that had seeped into the wood.

No luck :/

So can you guess how I ended up getting rid of the smell???

Let’s see if Mina can guess… (the look of concentration on her face)

She chooses the Comet cleanser.


Actually at this point she could care less as she thinks playing is much more fun than cleaning!

Here is the answer…Ta-Duh!

I used an all-in one primer and interior paint such as Behr.

It was a shot in the dark but needless to say it worked!  The paint basically sealed out the smell and at the same time improved the look of the ugly cabinet underneath.  WOOT!

With a paint brush, I slapped on at least 2-3 coats of paint over the area that was causing the smell, and no more odor!

Happy odor busting!


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  1. Great solution! And it looks fantastic!

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