Isn’t this pet bed cute?!!  It’s looks as if the arms of the bed are hugging little Pootie!  I’ve been meaning to make one or two of these for a while now as all of my other pet beds have been literally falling apart (I’m reminded of it every time they bring me lumps of fuzzy stuffing presents throughout the day!)

These fluffy beds are SOOOO soft and cushy, not to mention unique and easy to make.  They’d make awesome affordable gifts for pet loving friends!!! 😉

Assuming you already have your FREE gently-used sweatshirt or sweater, one bed will cost around $5-$10 (which was the cost of the stuffing).   I made two of these comfy beds and it only took about an hour or so to make each one.

Here’s the crew checking out my finished work

Pootie was the first one to try it out…

She loves it!

Lucky definitely approves!

Tink just snuggled right in for a nap…

It’s a great kitty cuddler too!

I snapped this shot a few hours later.  Notice the empty store-bought bed on the left 😉 These sweatshirt beds are definitely a hit!  (Time to make some more!)


  • Sewing machine (you can hand sew but it will take a lot longer)
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins


  • One sweatshirt/sweater (I used Men’s XL shirts to make sure they would be big enough for at least two of my pooches to share, but you can decide what size will work for you)
  • One Large bag of stuffing bought at the craft store

Sew the front and back of shirt together at the neck, then make a rainbow-shaped stitch from one armpit to the other.

9-11-2014 2-30-11 PM

With the shirt facing up, fold arms inward so that the bottom side of arms are flush along outer torso of shirt (Some of the pics show the shirt facing down…after I snapped the pics I decided that facing it up worked out better)

Pin halfway down the arms, then slope lower half of arms inwards and touch ends together

9-11-2014 5-45-56 PM

Sew up sides and then cut off any excess that hangs below the arms

9-11-2014 6-10-23 PM-New

Stuff with stuffing using the three open holes

9-11-2014 3-56-10 PM

Hand sew two of the three holes leaving one sleeve hole open

9-11-2014 3-47-44 PM

Slide the already sewn arm end into the other open arm hole, pin in place, then hand sew together

(I added a little more stuffing in this area after I pinned them together)

Hand sew the hole together in between middle of bed and arm ends

9-11-2014 4-05-26 PM

…and WA-LA!  A soft cushy bed to wrap it’s arms around your pet while they sleep.