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DIY Sturdy / Collapsible Saddle Rack

I got tired of my saddles getting all bent out of shape when I would just plop them onto the ground…I needed a place to keep them that was safe and off of the floor.  Since my tack room is literally crammed with more stuff than I know what to do with, I wanted something that could be ‘collapsed’ if need be.  I absolutely LOVE this saddle rack!
…and so do my saddles…
…and my blankets…
…and my bridles….
…and whatever else I hang from them’! 🙂
  • Hand Drill with bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Chop Saw
  • Sander
  • Tape Measure


  • One 2×6 at approximately 6ft long (this is the ‘brace’ along the wall the saddle ‘posts’ will be mounted to)
  1. Two 2x4s for each saddle ‘post’ (I had 3 saddle posts so I needed six 2x4s)at approximately 2ft 1in (long enough for your saddles to sit on)
  2. Three J-hooks (also called rope or tarp binding hooks)
  3. Two wood screws for each J hook (I had three J-hooks so I needed six screws) at about 1 1/4in long
  4. Three eye bolts
  5. Some 3in wood screws (for screwing ‘posts’ together and for mounting ‘brace’ to wall)

Optional:  Sand all wood pieces before beginning (I did this and it gave the rack a ‘finished’ look)

First, take the 6ft 2×6 brace…

And screw it into the wall with the 3in screws

(For a cleaner look I countersunk my screws, but that’s optional)  Click HERE to learn how to countersink.

Now find where you want your posts for the saddles to hang, and screw in the eyebolts.

(Drill a pilot hole where the eyebolt will go to make it easier when screwing  the eyebolt into the wood )  Click HERE to learn about pilot holes.

Now screw the eyebolt into the pilot hole you just made.  A screwdriver works great to help twist the eyebolt in

Screw together the 2x4s with your 3in screws, these will be the posts that the saddles will sit on.  The finished posts should look like a ‘T’

Hold the post up exactly how you want it to hang, positioning the J-hook exactly where it needs to be, and mark the screw holes with a pen.  Then screw in the J-hook with the 1 1/4in long screws.

This is how it should look when finished!

Tip:  If posts wobble from side to side, the wood was cut slightly crooked.  This happened to me so I just straightened it out by trimming off a little with the saw.  You will have to reposition the J-hook after re-cutting.

Now hang up those saddles!


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  1. Karen

    I love this! What a great idea TeeDiddlyDee! 🙂

  2. Made two of these today for our tack room, they came out super great, convenient to use, look clean on the wall, don’t take up much space. Planning on installing one or two more in the very near future. Thank you for the ideas! We did adjust some of the measurements to allow more room between the saddles, I thought it looked a little cluttered with them right on top of each other.

  3. Thank you – the kiss rule – keep it simple stupid. thanks so much.

  4. Lin

    Thanks. This is exactly what I needed to know.

  5. Alexandra S. Fox

    Hi! If you have a close contact h/j saddle it will be more stable with the wood upside down – or, when it’s hanging it looks like and upside down T from the end. Otherwise the saddle tends to rock to the side more easily.

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