Well it’s that time of year here in the valley of the sun where anywhere there’s water sitting outside, there is sure to be algae.  Algae loves sunshine and warmer weather so you can imagine how fast this stuff can grow anywhere it’s warm!

I noticed my little fountain had started to get clogged with algae…the water basin was covered in a layer of algae and the water shooting out of the water spout can was becoming just a trickle instead of it’s normal steady stream.  I knew I could easily scrub the water basin with a scrubby to clean it out but how in the world was I going to get the algae out of the tube that ran from the water basin up to the water spout???

A little peroxide!

Here is a video of my little fountain before I treated it with peroxide and then after…it made a HUGE difference! 😉

I was a little concerned about my hummingbirds that come to drink out of my fountain after adding the peroxide so I did some research.  Apparently, many pond experts have been using this method for over 10 years and have never had any issues with it affecting their wildlife, coy fish, snails, amphibians, or any other living creature that lived in (or drank from) their ponds.  Double Yay!

For routine maintenance use about 3/4 -1oz of peroxide per 100gallons of water once a week. For excessive algae use 2-3oz. of peroxide per 100gallons and repeat in a few days.

For my little 3 gallon fountain all I did was squeeze a few squirts of peroxide into the water basin (probably about 1tbsp), then I waited a day and let it run through the system…

The water tube that shoots the water to the top of the water spout was almost completely clogged with algae before the treatment…

A day after treatment, I blew on the one end of the tube and this is what came shooting out!  Awesome!

FYI- The dying algae will start letting go of the sides of the fountain and water basin, and begin to float through the system…clogging the pond pump filter.  Since I only have a 3 gallon fountain, I simply just replaced the water.  For larger ponds and fountains where you can’t just replace the water, make sure to clean the filter often to prevent it clogging with this stuff.

In an instant, my fountain was working normally again!!  Yay!!!