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Ultimate DIY Rustic Jewelry Cabinet

It’s up!!!  My new jewelry cabinet has been sitting in my bedroom, waiting to be hung as I’ve been unpacking for the past 3 weeks.  I actually completely finished it last month and have been so excited about mounting it, but I’ve been absolutely swamped with the move to the new house that I haven’t had time to hang it up on the wall till now…and I must say it looks as good as I imagined it would!

Oh, and I’m also happy to say that I was able to finally put my old, puny jewelry box to rest because I have something WAY BETTER NOW.

What girl WOULDN’T want one of these!

The Ultimate DIY Rustic Jewelry Cabinet

Plenty of room for EVERYTHING!!!

The earing hanger is my favorite part of the whole thing…check it out!

It actually swings out so you can get to the backs of your earrings to unhook them from the hanger

The other door is just as amazing, as it hangs my rings and bracelets…

I hung tiny galvanized buckets to hold all of my little things that couldn’t be hung by themselves.

…and then there’s the center part of the cabinet that displays all of my necklaces.  No more tangled-up messes!!!

At the bottom there’s enough room to store a few larger things (like my belt buckles that I won in competitions with my horse)

Here’s how I built it!

Ultimate DIY Rustic Jewelry Cabinet


  • Four 1x3s at 1ft 8 3/4in (Inner Frames)
  • Four 1x3s at 4ft (Inner Frames)
  • Two 1x6s at 2ft 3 1/4in (Outer Frame)
  • Two 1x6s at 4ft (Outer Frame)
  • Eight 1x3s at 4ft 2in (Doors)
  • Two 1x4s at 4ft 2in (Doors)
  • Six 1x3s at 1ft 1 1/2 in (Door Braces)
  • One sheet of pegboard at 2ftx4ft
  • Box of 1 1/4 wood screws
  • My easy DIY old wood stain
  • Oil based polyurethane (I used Minwax clear satin)
  • One or two paint brushes (for applying the wood stain and also the polyurethane)
  • Four large double-sided strap hinges (I bought mine at Home Depot HERE)
  • Two old fashioned knobs (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Double Magnetic catch (for the doors)
  • Five or six pegboard multi-tool racks  for hanging your jewelry (I bought mine at Home Depot)
  • Tiny Metal buckets (for holding small pieces of jewelry that can’t be hung by itself)


  • Chop Saw
  • Skill saw or table saw (only if you don’t buy the pegboard already pre-cut)
  • Hand drill with bits
  • Nail gun with 1 1/4 long finishing nails (if you don’t have a nail gun you can use a hand drill with screws)
  • Sander

You’ll also want to visit the links below to see how to build the side door organizers (which are really easy to make)

Make a frame by sandwiching the longer 1x6s in between the shorter 1x6s.  Then screw together with wood screws (remember those pilot holes!)

Place two 1ft 8 3/4in 1x3s and two 4ft 1x3s inside the outer frame, making an inner frame.  I attached the outer and inner frames together by nailing around the perimeter of the outer frame with my nail gun (where the arrows are pointing)

Place pegboard on top of the inner frame and center it

Now add a second inner frame on top of the pegboard and screw down into the pegboard.

For each door, gather four 4ft 2in 1x3s and one 4ft 2in 1×4.

Screw them together using three 1ft 1 1/2 in 1×3 braces.  (Although the pic doesn’t show, I later found that the best way to make sure the doors will line up with the frame you just built, is by putting the doors together on top of the frame.  This way you can make sure all the sides and corners match as the doors are screwed together).  I also later found that to make the doors extra sturdy and prevent future shifting, I put two screws into the 1×4 when attaching the braces (see red dots).

Make two doors

I rounded off all the edges with a sander

(This is optional)  I wanted to make sure the doors fit before staining so I attached them to the box with the hinges.  Doing this gave the cabinet pre-drilled holes to easily put everything back together when completely finished.

Now that I knew the doors fit nicely, I removed them and stained the box and the doors with my easy DIY old wood stain.  I used masking tape to avoid getting stain on the pegboard.

Add a couple coats of polyurethane to the wood, again making sure not to paint the pegboard.

Beautiful!  Now just add the hinges and door knobs

Add the Double Magnetic catch to keep the doors closed when not in use

We are done with the main cabinet part!

If you haven’t yet made the side door jewelry organizers that fit inside the cabinet, make sure to visit the links below:

If you’ve already built the side door organizers, here’s how to mount them:

Mounting the DIY Rustic Pegboard Jewelry Organizer:

Center the organizer where you want it on the door, leaving a 1 3/4in margin on the inside of the door, to allow it to shut properly when the pegboard organizer is attached.

I simply used a small hinge on the top and bottom of the organizer for mounting

Mounting the DIY Hinged Vintage Earring Organizer:

Center the organizer where you want it on the door, leaving a 1 3/4in margin on the inside of the door to allow it to shut properly when the earring organizer is attached.

Attach earring organizer with two small hinges

To keep the earring organizer closed, attach 4 small magnets at the top and bottom of the  organizer (I glued mine on with Super glue).

Now just one more thing…

Throw out that tiny, cramped jewelry box you’ve been trying to fit all of your jewelry in!

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  1. Tink

    This is the most awesome jewelry cabinet I have ever seen! Finally, a jewelry storage unit where anything and everything can be stored all together! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the directions! Right now I have jewelry in my small jewelry box, on the wall, on another hanging item on my dresser and in my drawer. I will be able to finally organize it into one place! I can’t wait to get this project done. Thanks again Tee!

  2. the cape on the corner

    now this is brilliant! i love that you can close it away, and it looks like a perfect rustic piece. great idea!

    • Glad you love the post! I am loving how I can put things inside as I’m always needing extra storage!

  3. Love the rustic charm of your jewelry cabinet, Tiffany! The earring hanger is VERY clever and I’m going to modify my similar cabinet with this idea. Pinned

  4. Kelsey

    This is so amazing! Rough estimate, how much did this cost to build? I’m obsessed.

    • Thank you Kelsey! After wood, hardware, and polyurethane, I would see it cost around $50-$70 to make.

      • Zach Hilburn

        Where did you buy your stuff. I just did a rough estimate, and came up with about $200

        • I went to Home Depot and bought the cheaper wood because I like the rustic look and used 50 % coupons for all the hardware at Hobby Lobby. Hope this helps!

  5. Suann

    I actually don’t see here on your pattern what sizes of peg board you need. Do you have the dimensions that are needed?

    • Hi Suann,
      You are right! It’s a 2ftx4ft sheet of pegboard that’s needed. I’m glad you let me know and I’ve since fixed it. Thank you!!!

  6. Doug Johnson

    Love your jewelry cabinet, thinking of making one for my wife. Do you remember whate type of wood you used?

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