My jewelry collection had long ago grown too large for my little jewelry box to handle and I was tired of rummaging through the tangled mess of necklaces, bracelets, and rings every time I wanted something to wear.

I actually made this organizer just after I decided to move to a new house and I declared that it was time to leave my unorganized life behind! (or at least try to anyway).  So a couple weeks before I started packing the house up, I whipped this project out one afternoon…no more tangled messes!

This pegboard jewelry organizer is also made to fit inside my Ultimate DIY Rustic Jewelry Cabinet

I used cute mini metal buckets  to hold all of my things that couldn’t be hung by themselves


  • Chop saw (to cut 1x1s)
  • Staple & Nail Gun (You’ll need 1/2in long finishing staples & 1 1/4in long finishing nails)
  • Skill saw or table saw (to cut pegboard)
  • Carpenter’s Square


  • Four 1x1s at  9 1/4in in length
  • Four 1x1s at 3ft in length
  • One sheet of pegboard 1ft x 3ft in size
  • Paint brush with white paint (I used acrylic paint bought at the craft store)
  • My easy DIY old wood stain
  • A few pegboard multi-tool racks to hang your jewelry (You can also buy them at the hardware store)
  • If you’re going to be mounting this pegboard organizer into my Ultimate DIY Rustic Jewelry Cabinet, you’ll need two small rustic-looking hinges.  If not, you can use a simple picture hook to hang it onto the wall.

Gather your supplies…

(When cutting your pegboard, make sure there will be 10 holes going across the width after the side 1x1s are added, for the multi-tool racks to fit)

Make a frame by nailing together the two 3ft 1x1s and the two 9 1/4in 1x1s

I did this by ‘sandwiching’ the smaller 1x1s in-between the longer ones

Make a second frame

Then I stained the frames with my easy DIY wood stain (You can do this before or after you finish the project)

Gather the pegboard, place it on top of one of the frames and staple together

Now place the other frame on top of the pegboard and nail together.

Dry brush the frame with white paint.  Dry brushing is simply using a ‘dry brush’ to apply paint.  Only dip the tip of the brush in the paint and then dab off the excess before painting, as you want it to be slightly dry when applying the paint.  This gives the wood an old, aged ‘whitewash’ look.

Time to hang!  I used a simple screw sticking out of the wall to hang it.


See how I mounted this DIY Pegboard Jewelry Organizer in my Ultimate DIY Rustic Jewelry Cabinet