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I got hitched!

This year has definitely been my year of change, with August and September being the craziest months of this year (so far as the year isn’t over yet!).  I moved into a new house and also got married.  During that time I’ve only been able to post here and there on TeeDiddlyDee, but things are normalizing now (WHEW) and I’m back to business!

Here are a few favorite pics of my big day at Bison Ranch in the beautiful White Mountains of Overgaard, AZ.

My brides maids’ dresses along with my wedding dress all ready and waiting…

It was time to get dressed!

Here I am, seeing myself for the first time all dressed up…

My girls and I…

…and here they are checking out Austin’s fancy ring, he is such a ham!

Austin and his groomsmen…

Austin and I were able to hold hands (without seeing each other) before the wedding…

It was time for the wedding to start as my handsome Lone Ranger made his entrance!

…and then my flower girls came (my grandma was one of them), they were so cute!

My ring bearer was just as adorable!  (luckily we found the rings…LOL)

It was finally time for my entrance with my parents…

Austin and I branded our initials into a log slice to represent our union.

At last we were married!

After the ceremony we took a little spin…

…and we lived happily-ever-after…


DIY Flying Axworthy Ghost for Halloween


DIY Halloween Skull Chandelier


  1. Sonia

    Congratulations!! So happy for you and Austin! I love the brand. A family friend’s daughter got married last year and they branded two slabs of wood they are making into a table. Victoria rode in on her horse led by her dad. It was really cool. You made a Beautiful bride. Love the picture of you and Austin holding hands around the door too. To MANY MANY Wonderfully Happy Years as husband and wife. Can’t wait to see future posts. Thanks

    • Tee

      Thank you so much Sonia! It really was a special day for the both of us, and I’m excited to get all of the pics back from the photographer.
      Branding the two pieces of wood is a great idea that they had! (and I love how she came out on the horse). I’m glad we decided to involve our horses as it makes it so much fun!
      Anyhoo, was so nice to hear from you!

  2. Kevin

    Hey Tee,
    So happy for you and Austin (lucky guy). My wife and I had a October wedding as well. Just finished you tutorial of cutting wine bottles for decorating our backyard gardens. I’ll have to send pics when all is done. Waiting for some warmer weather here in upstate NY.
    Enjoying your email post very much too. Looking forward to see your spring and summer projects.

    • Tee

      Hi Kevin,

      Thank you so much! So glad you found the bottle cutting tutorial helpful and I would love to see some pics when you are finished! The weather here in AZ is a nice 80ish at this point in time so I’m trying to get all of my outside stuff done before the 100 degree weather hits!

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