This past week I’ve finally been getting down to putting away the last bits and pieces of Christmas.

This home-made Christmas robe is one of my favorites, and I love wearing it to keep warm while driving horse-drawn carriages during the season.  I had hung it up temporarily on the cabinet, preparing to put it back in the closet after I put all of the other Christmas décor away…

In the process, I had managed to walk by my robe half a dozen times, brushing it right against the top vent holes of my smelly-good wax warmer..

The white faux fur had soaked up the bright red melted wax, dripping it all down the side of the wall.  NOOOOOO!!!

I was way more concerned with the cape than the wall of course.  With all of the red fabric on that cape, WHY oh WHY did that red wax have to get onto the white part???  Murphy’s Law of course!

…and it soaked up about HALF of the melted wax that was in the warmer, UGH!

Not knowing how much red wax I was going to be able to remove from that pure white fur, I rolled up my sleeves for battle…

It was time to bring out the wax-removing artillery!  (This trick works great for getting wax out of most fabrics, including carpet.)

Wax Removing Artillery:

  • Iron
  • Some paper towels

I placed the wax-soaked fur out onto something flat (like my ironing board)

I placed a paper towel over the wax

Then pressed my hot iron onto the paper towel for about 5 seconds

The iron melted the wax, and as it melted, the paper towel soaked it up

I repeated this, making sure to use a new spot on the paper towel every time I pressed the iron down

I went through about 4 large paper towels.  The towel on the left was the one I started with, and the towel on the right was the one I ended with…You can see how much less wax was left on the robe every time I switched to a new towel!