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DIY Fall Rake Wreath

DIY Fall Rake Wreath-Video

DIY Fall Rake Wreath

Who would have known that this little old leaf rake (that had been hiding behind a pile miscellaneous garden tools that I had kept in my shed) would make such a beautiful, colorful fall wreath!!! It was definitely meant for bigger and better things as the rusty, aged rake prongs mixed in with the vibrant autumn colors make it such a cool piece to add to my fall décor!


DIY Fall Rake Wreath Tutorial:

Tools & Supplies:

  • One old rake (no surprise there)
  1. One bouquet of fall décor
  2. Some wire (any wire will do, I found some used for hot wire fencing…worked great!)
  3. Wire cutters
  4. Pliers
  5. One or two rolls of raffia


Place bouquet where it will look the best

Cut a couple pieces of wire at about 1 foot each

Wire bouquet tightly onto rake by using pliers to twist the wire tightly

Cut excess wire off and push pokey ends down

Find the center of one of the bundles of raffia

Center raffia bundle underneath neck of rake

Tie a knot

I tied more strands of raffia directly to the knot that I had just made with the large bundle of raffia.  These raffia strands should hang downwards in front of the handle of the rake, covering the bottom of the bouquet and wire.  Add as many as needed

Ta-Da!  Easy right?

Even for this UN-educated wreath maker!

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  1. Audrey Crandall

    I love your cute rake. I wish I had one for my front door. Guess I will have to go look for an old rake. Also the turkey is so cute and different. So easy to make.

    • Tee

      Yep, you will have to go out and dig out a rake! It was fun making the turkey especially with my whole family! 😉

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