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DIY Haunted Skeleton Mirror

DIY Haunted Skeleton Mirror-Video

DIY Haunted Skeleton Mirror

“The roses have wilted, the violets are dead:

The demons run circles, round round in my head.”

Have you ever walked into a dark room and were startled by movement?

…Only to realize it was just you, as you notice your own reflection staring back, in an eerie, creepy-looking mirror…

There’s just something about mirrors that makes the dark even scarier, and allows your imagination to run wild…

There’s always been a long history of folklore and legends about magical or possessed mirrors and a decrepit creepy mirror is a must for your haunt.

Mirrors are a great way to fill up space in a haunted house and create a spooky ambiance.  You can creep up any mirror, old or new, and of any size to fit your space.  The best part is that they’re cheap and easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores.

I created this mirror for my witch room and wanted it to look like it has been sitting in there for a long time.  I love how the scraggly, mossy edges make it look as if rats have nested in it.  For detailed instructions, follow my tutorial and you can spook up one of your own!  You’ll love the creepiness atmosphere this mirror creates!

DIY Haunted Skeleton Mirror-Tutorial


  1. Glue or Calk Gun – You will need this to dispense your construction glue. It looks like this one HERE but they have them at most home improvement stores.
  2. Electric carving knife or regular knife-For cutting the skulls. Mine looks a lot like this HERE, but any type will do. Keep in mind that cutting the skulls may dull your knife and you’ll have to buy new blades before the time comes to cut the turkey at Thanksgiving! I used an old one I have had for years.


  1. Any mirror, old or new, and any shape would do.  (I actually used a transparent mirror (one that you can see through) for mine.  I use it for for my Ghost in the Mirror Trick).

2.  Styrofoam skulls and bones (you can buy some HERE).  I think I bought my smaller skulls at Micheals years ago but you can get similar ones HERE. I used 3 large skulls, 17 small skulls, and various bones that fit the spaces left.

3.  I used some twig-like stuff that I bought at a garage sale.  In fact, there was half a grocery bag full of it and I used all of it.  I don’t know what it is or where to get it but it was similar to dried birch twigs, tiny dried grape vines, or the ends of those cinnamon smelling brooms they sell in the fall or at Halloween.  You can use anything similar and it’ll look great.

4.  A few bags of floral moss.  I bought mine at the dollar store.

5.  Construction adhesive-I used gorilla glue brand (HERE)but you can use Liquid nails, or anything else that’s similar.  Clear construction adhesive-Gorilla glue brand was the only clear stuff I could find.  You’ll need clear so the glue won’t show through when you add the moss and twigs.  I think I went though two or three tubes, but keep in mind that my mirror was pretty big.  I didn’t use hot glue because it doesn’t hold up to the intense AZ heat, when kept in storage.

6.  Elmer’s glue. (I ended up buying the gallon jug because I used so much of it like this one HERE).


Prepping area and designing your mirror:

Lay the mirror flat on the table.  Make sure to lay some painter’s plastic or garbage bags underneath the mirror to protect the table, as this project can get pretty messy.

Before I started, I placed the bones and skulls in the areas that I wanted them, to get a general idea of how many I’ll need.  I then took a picture so I could remember what it looked like when it was time to glue the skulls on. I did end up putting 2 more skulls around the large head in the middle at the top, and one more small one in the center along the bottom.

Cutting the skulls:

Using the electric knife, cut the back part of the skull off, leaving a flat surface to lay against the mirror.

The angle of the cut will determine the angle the front of the skull will be facing, so make sure it’s how you want it.

Repeat and do the same with the smaller skulls.

Nest, place the bones and skulls back onto the mirror again.  (you can see that I changed them around a little bit from the first time I placed them on the mirror).

Adhering your skulls to the mirror:

Using the calking gun and the Gorrilla construction adhesive, glue all the bones and skulls to the mirror.  Use a generous amount as you want everything to stay put once it all dries.

I had some liquid nails that I had first used, and you can see it is not clear (below), so the next 2 bottles I used the gorilla glue.

Adhering the twigs:

Now it’s time to add the twig material.

Next, put the clear construction adhesive into the calking gun.

Now, squirt a generous amount of adhesive along the frame and also into the cracks and crevices in-between the skulls and bones.   Work one area at a time to avoid the adhesive from drying out too much before adding the twigs.

Next, grab a little handful of the twig stuff (4 or 5 inches long) and stuff it into the cracks and crevices that you just added the adhesive to.

Finish adding the twigs to your liking in one area before starting to add the moss.  I would work on a section at a time until I had enough moss tucked in to fill in the empty areas.  Make sure you put the twig material under the jaws  and around the tops of their heads as well (not shown in this picture).

Adding the moss:

Fill a plastic bowl full of Elmer’s glue.

I just used a Styrofoam bowl that could be thrown away when finished.

Gather the floral moss.

Grab a pinch of it and generously dip the ends into the glue.

Press the moss onto the frame of the mirror, overlapping some of the twig-like stuff that you just added.

You can see that I added the moss on the left side of this area already, but still had the right side to go.  Continue working around the mirror until your have covered all of it.

Let it dry overnight.  Mine was still a little wet in the morning so I just let it continue to dry.  Now it’s finished! Wasn’t that easy?

Creepy looking, don’t you think?

To add more scare to this mirror, see my DIY Ghost in the Mirror Trick Here!

DIY Haunted Skeleton Mirror


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  1. Pinning to make this year–LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  2. Bev

    I need to make this!!!!!!

    • Tee

      Hi Bev!
      If you make it you’ll have to upload a pic to share in this comment section, I would love to see it!

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