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DIY Happy Fall Y’ALL Mason Jar Sign

DIY Happy Fall Y’ALL Mason Jar Sign


Happy Fall Y’ALL!

Autumn is my most favorite time of year, and what better way to bring in the season than this welcoming fall mason jar sign! Isn’t this DIY Happy Fall Y’ALL Mason Jar Sign the cutest ever?!!

With just a few new or used pallet wood boards, and some supplies from the craft and hardware store, you can have this whole project put together in about an hour.

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DIY Happy Fall Y’All Mason Jar Sign Tutorial:


  • Pliers
  • Hand drill with bits
  • Chop Saw
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  • Three 1x4s at 1ft 8in long (I used old pallet wood but you can also use new wood and stain it to look old with my easy DIY Old Wood Stain)
  • Two 1x4s at 10in long (back braces of sign)
  • 1 1/4in screws
  • Stencils (I used two sizes)
  • White Chalk paint or matte acrylic paint (found at craft stores)
  • Sponge paint applicator (to add paint to stencils)
  • Mason jar (pint size)
  • Paint brush (to paint mason jar) I used a smaller one
  • Wire (to hang mason jar)
  • Rustic decorative knob (to hang mason jar from)
  • Burlap ribbon (enough to wrap around mason jar)
  • Fall Foliage (to put in mason jar and to tuck in above the sign)
  • DIY Old Wood Stain (if you use new wood and need it to look old)
  • Satin Clear Coat spray paint


Align the three 1ft 8in long 1x4s.

Screw on the 1×4 back braces

I lined up my stencils to see where I wanted everything to be

Carefully dab the white paint into the stencils with the sponge applicator.  Make sure to wipe off any excess paint before applying to avoid paint smudging under the stencils.

Add the decorative knob

Spray wood with a layer or two of clear coat to protect the stenciled paint

Gather your wire and pliers and add a ‘handle’ to the rim of the mason jar by twisting the wire around it.

Cut a piece of burlap ribbon (enough to wrap around the mason jar) and hot glue a strip to the middle of the jar

Drill a hole on each end of the sign, then loop some wire through the holes to form a hanger for the sign.

To get this curly-Q look, wrap the wire around a pencil, before attaching to the sign.

My rustic decorative knob was a little too dark on the wood so I dry brushed some white paint to it to add some depth.

Now put some flowers in the mason jar!  Be sure to tuck in a couple flowers on the top corner of the sign.  Now it is ready to hang and show off!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.   Happy Fall Y’All!


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  1. Candice

    I just wanted to give a friendly tip that it’s Y’ALL, not ya’ll. You All = Y’all.

    Still a super cute project!

    • Tee

      Hi Candace,

      Omg, you are so right! I guess I never learned how to spell slang in school…LOL I actually redid the whole project after your heads up. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Melissa

    This sign is soooo cute! I just bought the supplies and I’m making it today. Thanks for the idea. Your blog is awesome, by the way. Lots of great ideas!

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