DIY Farmhouse Chick Feeder Candy Dispenser

Well it’s literally the day before Easter and I’ve decided to throw in one more project before the big day!  (no surprise there)

This little chick feeder candy dispenser is just as fast to make as it is adorable!  (and that’s a good thing because I’m running out of time!)  It’s perfect for a farmhouse or ranch look…I even placed few chicks around it to give it that extra country flare  🙂

DIY Farmhouse Chick Feeder Candy Dispenser – Tutorial

Tools & Supplies:

  1. Scissors
  2. Jute String
  3. Small mouth mason jar
  4. Galvanized chick feeder (I bought mine HERE but you can also get them at your local feed store).
  5. Candy of your choice (I’ve found that the smaller the candy, the easier it is for your fingers to pick up).





Assemble as shown by first, pouring your candy into the mason jar.

Next, screw on the metal chick feeder.

Now it’s time to flip the jar with the feeder over.  You can simply do just that and be done with it…the problem is that half the candy will flow into the lower part of the metal chick feeder, leaving the mason jar half empty.  To avoid this, before I flip the jar over, I place my fingers inside the chick feeder and block the hole that the candy comes through.  Then I flip it all over.

Now I take any extra candy that is still in the bag and pour it into the holes to fill the lower part up (sometimes it’s nice to have a helper for this part).

Then I can slide my fingers out and the mason jar should stay full.

Now add that final touch…wrap some jute string around the neck of the mason jar and tie a bow.

Your new candy dispenser is ready to dazzle your guests!

Enjoy! Happy Easter!

DIY Farmhouse Chick Feeder Candy Dispenser