March Highlights

March has been such a busy month with tractor work, building fences, planting, and then my favorite of all…the baby ducklings and chicks!  Aside from the video above, I’ve included some fun pics of the babies below when we first brought them home…such cute little bundles of fluffiness!!  

Have you ever had baby ducks or chicks?  I can’t think of anything cuter!  This spring I have been enjoying my snuggle times with these cute little fluff balls and watching them grow.

You might say I’ve been getting my ducks all in a row!

“You guys quack me up!”

One of us is not like the other!

Did  you hear about the chicken that crossed the road?

Has anyone seen my towel?

I have to say that having baby chicks and ducks is one of the funnest things I have done this year.  I hope you enjoyed my little baby pics!

Happy spring everyone!

March Highlights