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DIY Rustic Wooden Christmas Sled

DIY Rustic Wooden Christmas Sled

When I think of Christmas, I think of icicles, warm woolen mittens, and fun snowy days.  This adorable, rustic sled embodies everything I remember as a child at Christmas time.

Can you believe I had this project finished and leaning up against my porch railing (looking AWESOME) in just a couple of hours?  It was a cinch to make!



  • Spade bit (same diameter as rope)
  • Box of 1 1/4in long wood screws at
  • Chop saw
  • Tape measure
  • Hand drill with bits
  • Christmas wreath, bow, or greenery to decorate with (you can either hot glue or wire it on)
  1. Three 1×6 fence pickets cut to 2ft 6in (body of sled)-You can always use regular 1x6s, then dogear the ends
  2. Two 1x3s cut to 1ft 4 1/2in (body braces)
  3. Two 2x4s cut to 4ft (runners)
  4. Rope at 6ft long
  5. Matte acrylic paint & paintbrush (I used red paint for the runners and white for the rest)
  6. My cheap DIY old wood stain (to make new wood look old)








Cutting and Staining/Painting the Wood:

Using the chop saw, cut a 45 degree angle on both ends of the 2x4s

Stain all the wood with my DIY old wood stain

Paint all the wood pieces.  I wanted my sled to look like the paint was old and weathered so I dry-brushed mine.  To do this simply dip the tip of the paintbrush into some paint, then dab off the excess before applying.

Simply drag your brush across the wood, leaving all the holes and crevices unpainted.

I painted my runners red and the rest of the sled white

Assembling the Sled:

Lay out the body pieces of the sled.  For more contrast I off-centered the middle piece a couple of inches.

Center out the body braces where you want them and screw together.  I left approx. 13in between the braces.

To avoid the wood from shifting, add at least two screws per fence picket

Align the sled body onto the runners and screw it all together

Attaching the Rope:

With the spade bit, drill a hole in the top of the runners to fit the rope through

Slide rope ends through holes and make a knot

Adding the Bow and Greenery:

Add a pretty bow, wreath, or greenery by either hot gluing it on, or wiring it on with floral wire

I wired mine on, twisting the wire firmly on the back of the middle picket to make my bow and greenery secure

Beautiful!  Merry Christmas!


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  1. Samantha

    Such a super fun idea for Christmas! I’m going to get my supplies to make this today! Thank you for sharing this tutorial!

  2. What a cute and festive idea for Christmas decor. It looks great. Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Party. Pinning.

    • Tee

      Hi Beverly!
      Glad you liked the sled tutorial, and thanks for pinning it!

      • Stopping back by to let you know this was the most clicked post from last week’s Snickerdoodle Party. All of the co-hosts will be featuring it at tomorrow’s party. Hope you’ll join us, Tee.

  3. Such a festive DIY and great tutorial! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! Pinned!

  4. HI Tiffany, Great project and I love the video. The rustic sled and pretty bow are a wonderful addition to any Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing at Happiness is Homemade Link Party 249. I’ll be featuring your project on this week’s features. Hope you will join us again.

  5. Jessica

    Where did you get the big bow and greenery at?

    • Tee

      Hi Jessica, I made the bow and bought the greenery at Michaels last year after season. I am thinking of making making a tutorial about how to make a bow yourself. It saves you a lot of money and you can make one out of your favorite ribbon too. Thank you for visiting!

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