DIY Easy Fabric Yo Yos


I had so many readers ask about the Patriotic Yo Yos I made for my “DIY Betsy’s Sweet Land Of Liberty” vignette (See HERE), I decided to write a post on how I made them.!

Yo Yos are great for adding colorful accents to any kind of project!  You can also use them as hair bows for little girls, or for fastening onto your pet’s collar, or even for pinning onto your own outfit for an extra splash of festive color.  Yo Yos are so easy to make as you can have one made in about 15-20 minutes! The yoyo’s I have made here are two sewn together.



  1. Needle & thread that coordinates with the fabric you are sewing.
  2. One coordinating Button
  3. Scissors
  4. Pins
  5.  Coordinating Fabric – You need only enough fabric to cut out the size circle you will need. Make sure both fabrics are coordinating and contrasting.
    1. Larger Yo Yo – I used a red striped fabric with a solid blue fabric, and a red button
    2. Small Double Yo Yo – I used a blue striped fabric with a red solid fabric and a small button
  6. Paper to cut out circles

For the “DIY Betsy’s Sweet Land of Liberty” vignette, I used the following sized circles:

Larger Yo Yo

  1.  8 inch diameter circle
  2.  5-3/4 inch diameter circle

Smaller Yo Yo

  1. 6-3/4 inch diameter circle
  2. 5 inch diameter circle














Making your Yo Yo:

You will want to decide on how large you want your Yo Yos to be.  The finished size will be approximately half the size of the circle.

First, trace and cut out the size circle you would like (see above for proper measurements) onto a piece of paper for your pattern.  I initially used a lid and a plate to trace around.

Next, pin the pattern onto the fabric.  Now cut it out.

Fold fabric edge in about 1/4in inwards and sew it with a needle and thread using a gathering stitch as shown. I doubled my thread for strength because I didn’t want my thread to break while gathering the fabric together.

Keep pulling the fabric towards the knot as you sew.

Gently but firmly, pull your thread, causing the edges to gather together.

Sew the hole closed.  I make a cross with my thread and pull tight.  I continue doing this until the hole is completely closed.

Now do the same with the second one. Each one is called a Yo Yo.

Sewing them together:

I sewed my

From the back of the larger Yo Yo, insert your needle into the center, pushing through to the front of the Yo Yo.

Now do the same with the smaller one, stacking it on top of the larger one.  Last, slide the button on and sew it all together. Note: if you don’t want to sew them together, you could hot glue them the two yoyo’s together, then do the same with the button.

Now you are finished! Aren’t they cute?

DIY Easy Fabric Yo Yos