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Giant Conversation Heart Valentine Topiaries

2-5-2017 6-30-03 AM

I just made the cutest giant conversation heart topiaries for Valentines Day!!  I ran across the idea on The Seasonal Home and just couldn’t pass up this project.  These colorful topiaries are definitely eye-catching, but also very different than what can be found at the store…so I whipped up a whole batch of hearts and threw it all together.

They look sweet enough to eat!

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Tools & Supplies:

  • Print out  Heart Topiary Patterns (for the 3 larger stacked hearts)
  • Paper to cut out heart patterns (for the 3 larger stacked hearts)
  • Sandpaper (I used a rough 60 grit to get the job done fast)
  • Dinner plate of any kind (for helping to push heart cookie cutter into Styrofoam)
  • Floral foam block (place into flower pot to keep hearts standing upright)
  • Fake flowers (to hide foam block) I used a few flower garlands
  • Wire cutters (to cut floral wire)
  1. 2 or 3 sheets of Styrofoam (1-7/8″ thick)-For the larger hearts.  Since I made two topiaries, I used 3 sheets
  2. 1 sheet of Styrofoam (1″ thick)-for the small ‘XO’ hearts
  3. Floral wire
  4. Styrofoam cutter (I used an electric cutter bought from Hobby Lobby, but if you don’t have one you can use a knife)
  5. Heart cookie cutter for cutting out the small ‘XO’ hearts (I bought mine at Walmart for a buck or two)
  6. Design Master ‘Color Tools’ brand spray paint (this is the only spray paint available that won’t destroy foam)  I used 3 similar colors of real conversation hearts.  This paint can be purchased from Michael’s or ordered online.  I used the colors (Perfect Pink), (Robin’s Egg), and (YellowYellow).
  7. Metal rod or wooden dowel for stacking the three larger hearts (you’ll need one for each topiary you make)
  8. Hot pink or red acrylic paint (for the messages on the hearts)
  9. Sponge applicator for applying acrylic paint
  10. Sewing pins (to secure stencils to foam)
  11. Stencils (2 or 3 sizes)

Three Large Hearts

Print and cut out the 3 Heart Topiary Patterns

Then gather a piece of paper

Fold it in half and line the straight edge of the half-heart pattern along the folded edge of the piece of paper.  Then trace with a pencil

Cut it out

Unfold and you’ll have a perfect heart. (You’ll need one small, medium, and large heart)

Trace hearts onto the thicker sheet of Styrofoam

Cut them out

The edges will be somewhat jagged which will now need to be sanded with sandpaper

Sand the edges until smooth

Paint the front and back of the hearts

Using the pins, secure the stencils to the heart

Dab acrylic paint into the stencils

Cut the wooden dowel or metal rod into 3 pieces, leaving the bottom one longer than the top two

Carefully push the stick into the halfway mark of the hearts, giving the hearts ‘stems’

Secure the hearts together by sticking their ‘stems’ into each other

Small ‘XO’ Hearts

Place the heart-shaped cookie cutter onto the thinner sheet of Styrofoam

Place a plate over the center of the cookie cutter and press down firmly, till the cookie cutter sinks into the Styrofoam

Remove the cookie cutter from the sheet of foam

Carefully push out the Styrofoam heart

Time to sand these little guys down like we did with the big hearts!

Paint both sides

…and again, paint on the letters just like we did with the big ones!

Stick floral wire in the bottoms to make ‘stems’

Putting it all together

Wedge the floral foam block into the top of the flower pot, pushing it a few inches down below the top of the pot

Stick and arrange the hearts into the floral foam.

Now lay your flowers over the foam and your done!

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  1. tink

    What a cute idea! I want to make some! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Tee

      Thanks Tink, I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

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