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DIY Light-Up Wine Bottle Snow Globe

This is such a fun project as you can utilize your old wine bottles while decking the halls!  I’ve always loved little winter scenes behind glass and since I keep all of my old bottles for future projects, this one was perfect.  I just love how the little Christmas scene lights up at the bottom of the bottle!

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  • Light up wine cork (I bought mine HERE)
  1. Wine bottle with the bottom cut off (You can either purchase one HERE, or see my tutorial HERE on how to make one for under $10)
  2. Decorations to put into snow globe like trees, people, houses, etc (must be small enough to fit inside wine bottle)
  3. Flat Candle holder the same circumference as the wine bottle
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Fake snow (pieces have to be tiny enough to be added through the top opening of bottle)
  6. Funnel (for adding fake snow)

Cutting bottles is really easy!!  Here’s a video I made to show how to do it…

(You can either purchase a bottle cutter HERE, or check out my tutorial HERE on how to make one for under $10!.)

Hot glue all of the trees and decorations to the top of the candle holder

Place wine bottle onto candle holder, then place funnel into top opening of bottle

Carefully pour the fake snow into the  funnel, you don’t need too much…just a little bit

Use something pointy to poke the snow through (I used chopsticks)

I tied some jute string around the neck of the bottle along with some old bells, and topped my bottle off with the light-up cork!

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  1. Kirk

    After you cut the wine bottle bottom off, how do you then secure the new bottom to the bottle?

    • Tee

      I just let it sit on the bottom piece since I like to take it apart to store every year, but you could glue them together with some clear silicone…I also make bird feeders with a wine bottle siliconed to a plate and it holds well.

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