Ads that coincide with my blog’s niche will perform the best with click rates.  These subjects include:

  • Home & Garden supplies & products
  • Hardware stores, supplies & products
  • Craft stores, supplies, & products
  • Party stores, supplies & products
  • Rustic/farmhouse decor stores, supplies, & products
  • Any rustic holiday supplies and decor (this includes, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, Easter, Patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
  • Although I mostly do rustic for the Holidays, Halloween is the only exception!  I go all out scary for this holiday, so anything goes for Halloween!
  • Family-friendly ads only please!

When a new post is published, it’s emailed out to all of my subscribers.  This site just hit it’s twelve thousandth subscriber this year and it’s still growing (see pic below).  That’s 12,000 emails sent out for each post that’s published, which means a lot of returning viewers visiting my site (and clicking ads!).

In the graph below you can see this site’s traffic statistics.  You’ll notice that the numbers fluctuate throughout the year, with the busiest month being October.  Because of this, I like to be fair by keeping ad prices relative to what month it is.  (Ad spot prices will be lower during the slower months, and higher during the busier months.) 

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