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Recycled Bottle Charging Station

No more tangled cords, Yay!!!

Now I’ve seen these recycled bottle charging stations used for cell phones, but after making one of my own, I realized they can be used for ALL sorts of things that need to be recharged (like my electric razor). These are so handy and easy to make, not to mention CHEAP!

To be sure my large cell phone and razor would fit under the bulky plugin charger,  I used a tall, good sized bottle for this project…

Peel off the stickers and cut the top off with scissors

This is the back.  Draw an outline, then cut along the line

This is the front, make sure to make it deep enough for your phone or razor to sit inside

These are the the dimensions that I found works best for both my cell phone and razor when all cut out…

Using a plug to measure, draw two dots where the plug prongs will stick through into the socket

Drill them out

Drill a larger hole (I used a 5/8″ spade bit) through the bottom if you want the charger cord to come up from underneath

Then just paint!  I used a textured spray paint to give mine a stone look…


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  1. Tyler Durden

    be great for flowers as well.

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