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DIY Teeter Totter / Seesaw From Old Recycled Tire

So my most recent, brilliant plan is that I’ve decided to start a daycare out of my house and I wanted to build some fun toys for the kiddos.  Ah-ha, a teeter totter!  All kids LOVE them!….including big kids like myself, heehee. 😉

I wanted something that was movable, that I didn’t have to cement into the ground AND that was strong enough to hold MY rear end too!  After finding an old tire and some scrap wood on the property, I ran to home depot to get the rest of the supplies.  A day and a half later this cute little see saw is what I ended up with!


  • one 2×6 at 10ft
  • two 2x3s at 8ft
  • two 2x6s at 20in (for base that teeter totter sits on)
  • four 2x3s at 8 1/2in (for base that teeter totter sits on)
  • one old tire with 14 in diameter hole in the middle
  • one or two pieces of scrap plywood to cover the inside bottom of tire to hold the wet concrete in
  • one steel pipe at 8 1/2in diameter (I bought a 4ft long pipe and cut it to size with a hack saw)
  • one carriage bold at 10in long, 1/2in diameter
  • two washers that carriage bolt fits through
  • one lock washer that carriage bolt fits through
  • one hex nut that fits the carriage bolt
  • 3in screws
  • 2 or 3 bags of concrete
  • 6 horse shoes for the handles (I conveniently had some used horse shoes lying around my place)
  • spray paint for horse shoe handles
  • 1 1/4in screws for attaching handles


  • Chop saw
  • Hand drill with drill bits
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Wheel Barrow (for concrete)
  • 3/4in wood spade bit
  • Sander
  • welder (to spot weld horse shoe handles together)

Here is my 2×6 and 2x3s.  These will make up the actual teeter totter

I cut the ends of the 2x3s at a 45 degree angle.  Notice the ‘pointy sides’ are both on the same side of each 2×3

Match them up by stacking one on top of the other

Screw them together about every 2ft down their whole length with 3in screws

Make  sure not to forget the ends!

Center the 2x3s onto the 2×6 and screw together.  Do this by drilling 3 sets of screws, side-by-side, through the top board into both the support boards underneath

Find the exact center of the 2x3s and drill a hole through the side of the two support boards with the 3/4 spade bit

Tip: Put a piece of wood on the bottom of the 2x3s when drilling.  This will keep the bottom side from splintering

Now sand the top and sides of the 2×6, no one wants splinters in their bottoms!

Time to make the base.  Screw 2x3s onto the center and bottom of 2x6s

Take the tire…

Place a couple of pieces of plywood inside the tire, covering the bottom hole

Mix concrete up with water in wheelbarrow

Center wooden brace inside tire

Fill tire with concrete

Make sure brace is level

Let concrete dry for a day

Decide how high you want the center of the see saw to be.  Using the 3/4in wood spade bit, drill two matching holes in the center of the braces.  (I wanted a taller teeter totter so I drilled a hole 2in from the top)

Grab the 8 1/2in long, 3/4in diameter steel pipe

Tap it right through the holes that were drilled into both the brace and the middle of the teeter totter (I had two helpers hold the teeter totter up to align the holes while I tapped the pipe through)

Slide a washer onto the 10in carriage bolt and push the bolt through the hole that now has the steel pipe in it

The washer will keep the bolt from sliding through the hole

Add washer on the other side of the bolt…

Slide on the lock washer, it keeps the nut from unscrewing while see saw is being used

Screw on the hex nut and tighten

Time for the handles!  My neighbor has a welder and it took him just a few minutes to spot weld these horseshoes together into cute handles!  After spray painting them, I screwed them on with 1 1/4in screws

Tip: Make sure when attaching handles to leave enough room at the ends to sit.  (I attached my handles about 15 1/2in from each end of the teeter totter)

Done!  Time to play!


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  1. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial! It’s so clear and easy to follow. My poor hubby’s “Honey Do” list just got one more thing added to it, but this is for the grandkids (and me!)

  2. Vicki

    We’re building this today for our granddaughters. Thanks so much!

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