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DIY One Rope Tree Swing

I have HUGE trees in my yard and I’ve always wanted a tree swing!  Well, this year I finally broke down and made one.  I’ll have to say they’re some of the best swings to swing on with their long ropes swaying their riders high into the limbs.  My niece LOVES coming over to have her aunt (that’s me), push her on this awesome swing!

…and yes, I also get to have a turn!


  • one 2×10 (10-12in long for the seat)  You can also use one 2×6 put together or any other combination
  • 3 pieces of 2x4s or 2x3s for seat supports (each piece should be the same length as the width of your swing)
  • 1 Box of 2 1/2in screws
  • 1in diameter rope (5ft longer than the height of the limb that the swing will hang from)
  • 1 large tree limb


  • Chop saw or skill saw
  • One 1 1/4in wood spade bit
  • Hand drill
  • Sander

Tip: Before assembling, I sanded all of my wood pieces first

For your seat you can use a 2×10 or in this case I used what I had lying around, one 2×4 and one 2×6

Using my 2 1/2in screws, I screwed two seat supports on each end and one exactly in the middle of the bottom of the seat

Now flip the swing right-side-up and drill a hole down the center of the swing.  Make sure the hole is drilled down the exact center of the middle brace that was just screwed in underneath

Tip: To prevent splintering, put a piece of wood where the drill bit will be coming through the bottom

Hanging the Swing:

I simply drilled a heavy duty 5 inch eye bolt into a strong limb of the tree.  I then tied the rope to a heavy duty 500lbs capacity carabiner, and clipped it onto the eye bolt.  This works great if you ever need to quickly remove the swing.

Slide the dangling end of the rope through the hole that you drilled into the swing and tie a knot underneath the swing seat

If you don’t want to drill into the tree:

You can simply tie a slip knot in the rope and then attach it to the tree.

Make a ‘looped end’ out of the rope

Now twist once

Curve the looped end around to make a circle

Pull the looped end THROUGH the circle and pull tight to form a knot

Throw the knotted looped end over a sturdy branch and pull the other end of the rope through the looped end

Time to go swingin’!


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  1. Paul

    Such a good idea! I just don’t want one that is a rectangle. I was actually looking for a tree swing that is round. Which design do you think my 8 year old daughter would like most on http://www.treeswingstore.com/treeswingseats/ ? I’m a guy so my choice might not be the best. Any women that can help me?

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