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DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed

DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed-Video

DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed

You’ll only need a few cheap pool noodles and a few other simple supplies to pull off this project!

This little orange lobster looks as happy as a clam, hanging out in his green seaweed.

Here’s another display made with different colored pool noodles and a sea horse…it turned out just as cute!

You can add shells, blow up fish, or whatever else that lives in the sea to finish off your coral reef!  The best part is that nearly everything was bought at the dollar stores!

DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed Tutorial

Want to print out this tutorial without the ads?

Click here to download my DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed PDF Printable Tutorial for only $5!

Tools & Supplies:

  • One Cardboard box (I used one at about 2ft x 1ft)
  • 6 or 7 – pool noodles-since coral can be all different colors, I used orange and green ones (dollar store carries these!)
  • 2 or 3 – blue plastic tablecloths (a buck a piece at the dollar store)
  • 1 – Stand up Sea Creature (I found both of mine at the Dollar Tree and the 99 Cents Stores)
  • Decorations to place into and around display (I used plastic pool toy blow up fish, shells, etc.) I found most of these at the Dollar Store and the 99 Cents Store.
  • Knife for cutting box and noodles

Cutting the Noodles:

First, gather your box and pool noodles (I bought these noodles for a buck a piece at the dollar store but I’ve also seen them at Wal-Mart for the same price).  Wal-Mart and the larger stores have a larger size pool noodle and some different colors, and it might be fun to mix them up, but I just bought mine from the Dollar Tree.

Now you can start cutting a spiral down the length of the noodle.

To avoid sagging, keep spirals around 6 inches apart from each other.

Now cut a second spiral in-between the first one.

Untwist the two ends…

Leave at least 1 foot of noodle uncut at bottom.

Splitting the noodle again:

If you want, you can split each end of the noodle again…don’t split ends any longer than about 15 inches to avoid sagging.  Trim ends at different lengths from top to make the plants look more realistic.

Arranging the Seaweed:

First, mark where you want each pool noodle to stick out of box.

Next, cut holes where you marked.  Make sure the holes are a little smaller in circumference than the pool noodle so that it has a tight fit and will stand upright when pushed into the hole.

I placed the larger pieces in the box then used shorter lengths of various sizes to fill in between larger pieces.

Make sure all pool noodles fit snugly into their holes

Cover the Box:

Now remove the noodles and place the tablecloths over the box.  Make sure to cover the box with enough layers of tablecloths to hide all the print.  I ended up adding 4 layers of the thin tablecloth on mine.

Next, punch holes in the tablecloths where the holes are in the box. This part doesn’t look very pretty, but trust me, it will look great when you are finished.

Last, insert pool noodles back into box far enough down that they won’t fall out.

Decorate with shells, blow up fish, or whatever else you can think of that lives in the sea!

Want to print out this tutorial without the ads?

Click here to download my DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed PDF Printable Tutorial for only $5!

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DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed



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  1. can’t wait to try it thank you

  2. Michelle

    Making seaweed for my daughter-in-laws baby shower, it is Finding Nemo, can’t wait

    • Tee

      Nice! You’ll have to show us your pics in this comment section when you’re finished!

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