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DIY Hanging Wine Bottle Candles

DIY Hanging Wine Bottle Candles


I had an evening outdoor party coming up and wanted something that would give a fun, sparkly ambiance at night.  After a little thought, I decided that these awesome little wine bottle candles were what I was going to create!

“I’ll just need a few”, was what I told myself…but after hanging these lite-up beauties from a couple branches in my tree, I immediately decided that my other trees were feeling a little jealous and wanted a few dangling in their limbs as well!

The night of the party my yard was transformed into an elegant, lit-up wonderland…with all of the tree trees proudly showing off their dangling glowing luminaries.  I received LOTS of compliments that night about my pretty little candles to say the least!

You can see that I put a bunch of these hanging bottle candles in my trees!  Sparkly wonderland!


DIY Hanging wine Bottle Candles Tutorial:



  • Bottle Cutter (You can either purchase a bottle cutter HERE, or check out my tutorial HERE on how to make a bottle cutter like mine for under $10!)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • 60 grit sandpaper (to quickly sand sharp edges of bottle after cutting)


  1. Decorative Chain (about 2ft long)
  2. Glass votive candle (after about 6 months, I bought some automatic battery-operated flickering candles and I don’t have to light them every time they come on each night.  It saves me so much time!  You can get them HERE)
  3. Key ring
  4. Wine bottle
  5. Roll of wire (I used 14 gauge)


Cutting your bottle:

First, remove all the labels off your bottle.  Please check out my tutorial on the easiest way to do this in the video below:


Next, cut the bottom off your bottle (I know there is a label on it, but please remove it first).

It’s SOOOO easy to cut bottles!  Check out my video below:


After your bottle is cut, sand down the sharp edges of your freshly-cut bottles with sandpaper.

Making the hanger:

First, attach key ring to one end of the chain.

On the other end of the chain, unbend the end link so that it makes a hook.

Next, slide the chain through neck of bottle so that it hangs from the key chain.

To hang, loop the chain around something high and use the hook you made to hook into the chain.

Making the coiled votive holder:

First, gather your needle nose pliers and wire.

Next, make a small loop at the end of the wire with your pliers.

Now, hold your candle up to about where you’ll want it to sit inside of the bottle.

While holding the candle, place the end of the wire up to about where it’ll also be hanging.  You’ll make an approximate 90 degree bend in the wire right below the top of the glass votive candle.

Next, twist the wire around candle making a corkscrew

I like to make about 6 or 7 twists.

Then, cut off the end of wire.

Next, twist the end of the wire into a small corkscrew. this will keep the glass votive holder from sliding down.

Holding both ends, stretch corkscrew out longer.

Now, twist and turn bottom half of corkscrew so that it tapers down smaller.  This part takes me a few minutes to get the wire looking how I want it.

Place candle in corkscrew.

Now you can attach the top of the corkscrew to the key ring.

Pull candle and corkscrew into bottle.

You are finished!  Hang wherever you like!


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  1. Brielle

    Thank you Tiffany for such an awesome tutorial! I made about 50 of these for my wedding and we hung them all in the trees surrounding the reception and ceremony! What a beautiful, sparkly light these candles gave out and they set such a magical atmosphere and ambience to my special day! I am now using them in my new backyard and everyone loves them. I appreciated your easy to follow instructions too! Thanks again!

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