I just love how these little mason jars turned out and the little box they sit in is just perfect to show them off!!!!  This project is so affordable to make and you can fill the jars with just about anything.  I put some pine branches inside mine and set them out for decoration but come Christmas Day, they’ll be the main centerpiece on my dinner table.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Mason Jars Tutorial

Tools & Supplies:

  • Nail gun with 1 1/4in nails (you can also use wood screws but you’ll need to drill pilot holes before drilling in the screw to prevent splitting the wood)
  • Chop saw
  • Black or rusty-colored paint (I touched up the silver screws that were used to mount the handles)
  • Decorative accent for the mason jars (I used some rusty bells)
  1. Two 1x3s at 3 7/8in long (I basically cut my boards to 4inches, then shaved off just a tiny bit more)
  2. Two 1x3s at 13 1/4in long
  3. One 1×6 at 13 1/4in
  4. Two rustic handles (mine are cast iron, bought at Hobby Lobby HERE)
  5. 3/4in screws to mount on handles
  6. Old wood stain & paintbrush (if you use new wood & need to make it look old).  I used my homemade DIY Weathered Wood Stain.
  7. Three quart sized mason jars
  8. Three different Christmas paint colors (you can use acrylic matte paint or chalk paint)
  9. Sandpaper (I use 60 grit)
  10. paintbrush
  11. jute string
  12. scissors

Build the box:

Gather the 1×6…

Nail together the 1×6 and both of the longer 1x3s as so…

Nail on the two shorter 1x3s

Screw on the handles.  (You can use a little black or rusty-colored paint to touch up the silver screws used to mount the handles).

Mason Jars:

Paint the jars by flipping them upside-down first (I put mine on disposable plates for easy clean up).  I added 3 coats of paint for an even-looking coverage, making sure the paint dries completely between coats.

Give the jars a distressed look by sanding all of the raised areas of the glass with the sandpaper.  I also sanded a few small flat areas here and there, but didn’t overdue it.

Wrap some jute string around the lid, then tie your decorative accent to the neck (I added my rusty bells).  Don’t they look great?!!

Place the jars in the box and find something to put in them!  I used some decorative pine with berries but you could also fill them with candy and give them out as gifts!

Happy Holidays!

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