DIY Easy Critter Corral

My DIY Easy Critter Corral or animal pen has been such a lifesaver for me as it works great for any kind of small animal such as bunnies, chicks, ducklings, turtles, and the list goes on!  It’s lightweight and easy to move around the yard onto a fresh patch of grass every day.  As a bonus, it’s just as easy to disassemble and store away, as it is to put up!

I’ve used this corral to keep my baby chicks and ducklings in during the daytime, until they were big enough to join the rest of the flock. I also have a friend that brings her bunnies over from time to time to let them graze on the grass for the day.  Kids can also sit inside the corral to interact with their furry friend, while keeping their pet safe from wandering off.

(As a side not I’d like to mention that this corral will not keep any excessive pet aggressive dogs out, as they could (when no one is looking) eventually chew through the netting, dig under the enclosure, or even jump over.   In this case do NOT leave the enclosure unattended.  On the other hand, I have a small dachshund that likes to kill baby chicks, but she has no desire to chew through or dig under the enclosure, so I basically can leave the babies out all day unattended).



  • Although I used 1/2in diameter PVC, any size will work for this project.  I might add that if you have kids that like to lean and hang on things (when no one is looking), I recommend a larger sized diameter PVC pipe.  I don’t glue the PVC together, as I like to disassemble and store it all away when not in use.
  1. Eight 5ft pieces of PVC Pipe
  2. Plastic Garden fence netting (40 inches tall). I bought a 15ft roll at Home Depot
  3. Eight PVC elbow tees
  4. Zip ties (large enough to wrap once around the PVC pipe
  5. Four 3ft 3in pieces of PVC pipe






Connect all eight elbow tees and 5ft pieces of PVC together, making two squares.

Attach the four 3ft 3in pieces to one of the squares.

Connect the second square to the top.

Zip tie one end of the netting to a corner of the frame.

Wrap around the whole frame, making sure the netting is pulled tight.  Then zip tie to the corner to secure.

Trim off all the ends of the zip ties.

Cut the excess netting off with scissors.

Make sure to put extra zip ties along the bottom as you don’t want any loose areas where your pet can squeeze through.

It’s ready to use!