Tool Bag REPURPOSED into Beauty Bag

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I recently went on a fabulous week-long trip to the ocean…South Carolina to be exact.  It was absolutely beautiful and one of the best trips I’ve ever been on!!  (But that’s another story)

Any-Hoo…while packing I tend the bring ‘everything and the kitchen sink’, which is why I attempt to be as organized as possible, so I can find things easily when I get to my destination.

Hair and beauty products are no exception when I pack…I have to be prepared for everything so I bring EVERYTHING!  (am I the only one that does this???)

Needless to say, I needed a special beauty bag LARGE enough to fit all of my stuff.

(Simple enough right???)


After about the 4th store, I started getting exasperated because I couldn’t find a beauty bag with my specifications.  Everything was way too small, as I needed something large enough to fit my blow dryer, flat iron, shampoo, hair spray, nail polish, deodorant, shaving cream, 4 kinds of brushes and combs, etc., etc., etc…(you get the idea!)

Finally (in a desperate attempt), I quickly ran to the tool section at my local Wal Mart and found the answer to my problem!!!

There is was, just sitting on the shelf next to the tape measures as if to say, “I’m the right bag for the job!  I’m roomy, tough, and have all the compartments you could ever want for organizing your girly stuff!!!”

YES!!!  I quickly swooped down and snatched up my ‘new and improved’ beauty bag and whipped on home! (and the rest is history)
5-16-2017 12-09-17 PM

I just love how much room there is!

5-15-2017 11-23-02 AM

5-17-2017 1-44-13 PM

Even my blow dryer and flat iron have their own roomy spot, complete with an elastic strap to hold them secure 🙂

5-16-2017 12-28-34 PM

On the outside there were even more pockets to put things in…YAY for lots of pockets!!!  Oh, and tool bags are made of a much tougher material than any of the other ‘real‘ beauty bags, which means it will last a lot longer!

5-15-2017 11-40-40 AM

I even threw on a carabineer clip to hold my hair ties…so convenient!!!

5-15-2017 11-35-33 AM

…and the best part was I didn’t need help holding the bag together while zipping it up because of it being too crammed with stuff.  WIN WIN WIN!!

5-15-2017 11-43-32 AM

So remember, don’t forget to check out the tool section at your local department or hardware store for your next beauty bag!

(To purchase the same bag as I did, click HERE.)

Happy Traveling!!!

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