St. Patty’s Day Light-Up Pallet Sign

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I absolutely LOVE old pallet wood signs…but do you know what I love more???

(crickets chirping)

Old pallet wood signs with a little light up pizzazz!  A sign without lights is like a birthday cake without candles…or a ring without bling…or, well you get the picture 😉

St Patty’s Day is right around the corner and quite frankly, I’ve neglected the happy green holiday with the little man that runs around chasing rainbows…

I needed something more to add to my (ehemmm) sparse St Patty’s Day collection, and came up with this adorable, rustic holiday sign…I’m just tickled pink (or green) with how it turned out!

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I’m feeling LUCKY so let’s get this started 😉

Tools & Supplies:

  • Five 1 x 4s at 3ft 3in long (I used new wood but you can use old pallet wood as well)
  • Two 1x2s at 1ft 3in long (used for the frame)
  • Two 1x2s at 3ft 3in long (used for the frame)
  • Wood screws (1 1/4in long)
  • My easy, homemade old wood stain (to make new wood look old and weathered)
  1. Hand drill with bit the same size diameter as tiny bulbs on the string of lights
  2. White paint and paint brush for dry brushing boards (I used acrylic paint)
  3. Green acrylic paint (2 different shades) with a couple different sized round-tipped paintbrushes and a sponge applicator
  4. Large Stencils
  5. Sharpie Marker (for tracing stencils)
  6. String of green battery operated lights with tiny, squared-tipped bulbs (my string came with 30 lights)  I bought mine online HERE
  7. Small shamrock stencil (I googled and printed mine off of the internet, then cut it out with an X-acto knife)
  8. Giant Shamrock stencil-I quickly made mine using a heart stencil, which you can download and print HERE
  9. Hot glue gun (to keep lights in place)
  10. Velcro with sticky back adhesive (for attaching battery pack to back of frame)

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Let’s make the giant shamrock first:

I made mine by drawing 4 hearts clumped together and then free drawing a stem at the bottom…you can download and print the heart stencil that I used HERE


Cut it all out


Build the frame:

Assemble all of the wood

2-27-2017 3-43-08 PM

Line up the 1x4s


Place 1x2s along edges of 1x4s and screw everything together


Time to make this new wood look old by brushing on a coat of my homemade old wood stain


(a few minutes later)

Boom!!!  Looks old now 😉


Let’s dry-brush some white paint onto it…

Squeeze some white paint onto a disposable plate


Dab the tip of the dry paintbrush into the paint…not too much though


Dab off the excess…


Then ‘dry brush’ the paintbrush along the boards, making sure to go with the grain of the wood


The boards should look like this when you’re done…looks like weathered wood with an old paint job… perfect!


Lay out the giant shamrock and stencils


Trace the shamrock with a sharpie marker


Using a smaller paintbrush with a roundish tip, paint the edges of the shamrock, tracing all the way around




Paint the inside with the larger paintbrush


For the smaller stencils I used a sponge applicator…I also did the letters in a slightly different shade of green to give contrast

0226171531 0226171532

I need some more little shamrocks so I quickly googled them, then printed and cut my new stencils out with an X-acto knife

0226171550 0226171556

Again, I used the sponge applicator to add my little shamrocks


Lookin’ good!


Now let’s add the lights…

Since I used a string of 30 lights, I spaced out 30 marks where my holes would go.  Also, make sure the drill bit is the same size as the lights by drilling a test hole into a piece of scrap wood first before drilling into the sign…


Flip the frame over and start pushing the lights into the holes




I put a small bead of hot glue on the back of each light to hold them in place


To keep the battery pack attached, I simply used some sticky-backed adhesive Velcro



…one piece of Velcro on the battery pack, and the other piece on the wood, works like a charm!


Now flip the lights on…

Feelin’ pretty lucky!!!

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Happy St Patty’s Day!!!

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