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Cute DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Dining Chairs

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Eight months after building my rustic dining table, I finally built some matching rustic dining chairs to go with it!! WooHoo!!  Everything turned out gorgeous and I am just tickled pink with my new ‘old look’ dining set!

Just like the table, I had run out of used old pallets so all of my chairs were made with new pallet wood that I got at the hardware store, then stained and sealed to look old.

OH, and each chair cost me $11 in supplies, totally affordable!!

(To see how I built my matching dining table, scroll to the bottom of this post and click the link)

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For one chair you will need:

  • Ten 1x4s at 1ft 6in long (seat and backrest)
  • Two 2x3s at 3ft 3in long (backrest supports/back legs)
  • Two 2x3s at 1ft 1 /2in long (bottom supports for seat)
  • Two 2x3s at 1ft 6in long (front legs)
  • Box of 2 1/2in wood screws
  • Box of 1 1/4in wood screws
  • Cheap/Easy old wood stain-make it here (use this if you are using new wood and want that ‘old wood’ look)
  • Polyurethane (I used a satin sheen, oil based polyurethane which really brought out the richness out of the ‘old wood’ stain


  • Hand drill with bits
  • Chop Saw
  • Carpenter’s Square
  • Tape measure
  • Sander

Cut out all of your wood

Here are my ten 1x4s at 1ft 6in long (seat and backrest)


My two 2x3s at 3ft 3in long (back rest supports/back legs), and my two 2x3s at 1ft 6in long (front legs)


My two 2x3s at 1ft 1in long (bottom supports for seat)


Using 2 1/2in wood screws, screw together the backrest support/back leg (3ft 3in long 2×3) , front leg (1ft 6in long 2×3), and bottom support for seat (1ft 1in long 2×3).  I countersunk each screw to attach everything together –See how to countersink here.  Make sure to use a carpenter’s square so that everything is screwed in straight

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Make the second one


Lay out seat slats (1ft 6in long 1x4s) and push them forward till they are flush with front legs.  This will leave a small gap at the back of the chair to start attaching the backrest slats.  Screw seat slats down with the 1 1/4 wood screws. Don’t forget to drill your pilot holes before screwing in! See how to drill pilot holes here.

7-8-2014 10-30-50 AM

Screw on backrest slats, fitting the bottom slat into gap that was left

7-8-2014 12-21-30 PM

Screw in bottom front slat

7-8-2014 12-35-29 PM

Screw in your last piece, the top slat

7-8-2014 12-33-22 PM

I smoothed the wood out and rounded all the corners with my sander


For the ‘old wood’ look, I stained the chairs with my homemade ‘old wood’ stain.  See the difference?  Learn how to make the stain here 


I sealed everything with my satin finish, oil based polyurethane.


The chairs on the left had just been sealed with polyurethane while the chair on the right had only been stained.  The polyurethane sure does make the wood look richer!


After a final sanding with a fine grit sandpaper, here is the finished product!  I had built the dining table 8 months prior to building the chairs, but never stained and sealed it till now.  Everything turned out beautifully!

0707141440 0707141442 0707141443a

To see how I built my beautiful matching rustic dining table, click here


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  1. Great guide on how to build those chairs! I will definitely try this when spring is upon us. Too cold now! 🙂

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