Patriotic Rustic Wooden Stars

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Since my birthday always lands on Flag Day, I really was trying to get this post out yesterday…but considering that the 4th of July is just around the corner, it looks as if my timing is right-on after all 🙂

My mom took me to a cute little vintage store located in town, about a month ago.  As I strolled around, looking at this and that, a set of three wooden stars caught my eye.  They were sitting in the corner on a worn, little table that was perfectly complimented by these flag-colored stars.  I loved how they were just right for ‘dressing up’ areas that needed a little patriotic pizazz 😉

So I went home, made my own pattern, and whipped out a set of my own!  (and after all, patriotic décor can be used more than once a year…Flag day and Independence Day of course, but also President’s Day and Memorial Day as well!






  • Jigsaw
  • Sander or sandpaper


  • 4x4ft sheet of 3/4in thick plywood
  • Large star pattern & Scissors to cut out (to make wooden stars) You can download and print my free pattern HERE)
  1. Red, white & blue paint (I used acrylic paint from the craft store)
  2. Small star stencil (to paint stars onto the wooden blue star)
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Stencil Sponge

6-20-2017 1-40-20 PM

Print and cut out the star pattern (you can download and print out my free pattern HERE)


Trace 3 stars onto the plywood



Use a jigsaw to cut the stars out

As you can see I cut out more than one set of stars, as Mom and Grandma wanted a set for themselves as well! 😉


Then I sanded the rough edges down


Time to make this new wood look old with my easy DIY wood stain


Perfect…now these stars are looking old!


Painting the starts was easy as I simply dry-brushed the paint onto the wood…


Dip the tip of the brush into the paint, dab off most of the the excess,


Then run the tip of the brush up and down along the surface of the wood.  Go with the grain of the wood, making sure NOT to fill in all of the cracks, and to leave some unpainted wood showing through.


Here is the blue star after being dry-brushed.


Time to paint on the white stars.  Be sure to dab most of the excess paint off of the stencil sponge before dabbing on the paint, so that the stars will also have an old ‘worn’ look.

6-20-2017 3-16-03 PM




After all three wooden stars are done, spray on a clear finish (I chose not to have them glossy, so I used satin or matte)







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