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DIY Paper Lantern Jellyfish

Aren’t these paper lantern jellyfish just the coolest to add to a sea party???  You can cluster them together and have a ‘school’ of jellyfish, or just hang each one here and there around the room.

Mom and I made three jellyfish in all, with the largest one being the first that was made, and the smaller ones last.

The largest jellyfish was made from different colors of crepe paper strips and narrow curling ribbon (some were shiny) cut to various lengths. (I made the crepe paper strips narrower by cutting the width of the strips into thirds-1/3 the width)

I personally liked the smaller jellyfish made from cheap dollar store tablecloth strips.  I felt they looked more realistic, but many people really loved the larger one too.  You can experiment and see what you like!

I love how the tentacles turned out!

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  • One Paper lantern
  • 3 or 4 different colored cheap plastic tablecloths (for tentacles)


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (Low Temp – Important!!  Do not use a high temperature glue gun for this project or it will melt the plastic!)

Cut the bottom part of the lantern off

The blue lantern was cut a little higher than the pink lantern, but I preferred the pink better as the longer globe shape looked more like a jellyfish to me.

To keep lantern from folding up on itself, stretch lantern out and hot glue.  The cooled hot glue will form a solid spine that will keep the lantern open.

It’s easier to have a helper hold the top while you stretch out and glue

Now let’s make the tentacles

Gather all the plastic tablecloths

Unfold them lengthwise but leave folded widthwise, as we will be cutting widthwise

Cut a strip about 1 1/2in wide

Unfold strip

Now for the finger workout!  Make little stretches on the edges of the strip, working all the way down the length of the strip.

It should look like this

Be sure to stretch the opposite side of the strip as well!

We made at least 10 or 12 different colored tentacles for each jellyfish

Now lets make the ruffle

(Again cutting widthwise) Cut a strip (any color you want) about 4in in diameter

Now do the same thing that we did with the tentacles…unfold and stretch the sides along the length of the strip

Now make another strip a little smaller in width (about 3in wide)…I made mine a different color than the first one

With the first strip, glue onto outside bottom circumference of paper lantern, making sure to gather it as you go

Now hot glue the second strip onto the middle of the first one, gathering it as you go as well…

Time to make the frin-gy stuff that hangs on the bottom

Cut another strip (width-wise) about 5in in diameter

Cut fringe into the side of the strip

Now unfold

Hot glue fringe onto the inside bottom of lantern

Glue tentacles in random places on the inside of lantern as shown by the X’s

Finished!  Now hang em’ up!

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