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Next year’s Halloween tutorial sneak peak…



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Between getting married and moving, I’ve definitely had my hands full and decided to skip my annual Halloween party this year.  It’s allowed me to catch up on some projects including this ominous, giant scarecrow corn stalker.  (Scroll down for more pics of him). 

Since there was no party, I also took advantage of actually going to someone ELSE’S party for a change this past weekend!

Here I am with Austin and his LOUD and crazy suit!  (He won best costume of course)  What a ham!



…AND I couldn’t resist making the famous puking pumpkin chip and dip to bring to the party.  I’ve always wanted to do it but never had the time, WOOT!


So gross…but so great!  HA!


Last but not least, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of one of the awesome projects I’ll be sharing with you on how to make next year…


Meet Jack the giant scarecrow corn stalker.  It’s been a race to get this wicked, 9 foot behemoth done before Halloween, but I persevered and  finally finished him last night!!  He’ll be a great addition to my Halloween haunts and I’m so excited to share with you next year on how I made him,  SO STAY TUNED!





Wishing you a very Happy Haunted Halloween!!!


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  1. Kevin

    Looks awesome. Love your stuff. Used the burlap idea I’m my Haunted Basement this year. A pic of One of my creations

    • Tee

      Hi Kevin,

      Glad that you were able to use the burlap idea! Oh, and I absolutely love your corpse and the lighting…very realistic! What method did you use to corpse him? Nowadays I use the painter’s plastic and heat gun method (melt the plastic onto the skeleton with the heat gun). It turned out great!

      Hope you had an awesome Halloween!!!

  2. Jimmy

    Awesome ideas, as always. The fog chiller worked brilliantly and I can’t wait to try more of your projects. Thanks for all your great ideas.

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