Make an Easy Rustic Storage Chest Out of Pallet Wood

6-5-2014 11-24-12 AM

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If you’re like me and are always looking for storage space, this is the project for you!!!

Back when I was doing daycare I needed a large¬†toy box, so in one afternoon I whipped up this awesome, rustic-looking¬†chest out of some old pallets I had sitting outside.¬† The chest served¬†it’s toy box¬†purpose WELL along¬†with being a¬†great box to hide kids in…Ehemmm, for hide and seek of¬†course!¬† ūüėČ

Since then my¬†rustic little¬†BIG¬†chest has given up it’s toy box days, and now serves as a storage box for¬†all of my comforters and blankets.¬† I can still think of a hundred other things that need to be stored, Hmmm…I’m¬†thinking about making a second one!¬†ūüėÄ

It will blow your mind on how easy this was to make, just cut the wood pieces and screw them all  together!

Here’s how I made it…


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6-5-2014 11-43-23 AM


  • 19¬†1x4s¬†at 3ft 3in long (front, back, top)
  • 20¬†1x4s at 1ft 9in long¬† (sides, braces for front and sides)
  • 4 1x6s at 3ft 1 1/2in long (bottom)
  • 2 1x4s¬†OR 1x6s at 1ft¬†10 1/2in (bottom braces)
  • 3 1x4s at 1ft 11in angled at 45degrees¬†on one end (top braces)
  • 2 rustic-looking hinges (for attaching lid)
  • 4 roller wheels to attach to bottom of chest
  • box of 1 1/4in wood screws
  • box of 2 1/2in wood screws


  • Chop saw
  • Hand drill with bits
  • Sander

First I cut all the¬†wood and lightly sanded down any pieces that¬†would give splinters…but don’t sand too much or you will lose that really cool old¬†‘rustic’ color

I actually ran out of old pallet wood halfway through this project and had to go buy new 1x4s.¬† Problem was, the new wood didn’t match with the old wood¬† ūüôĀ …until I remembered¬†I had done¬†a post recently about transforming¬†new wood to look old, problem solved!¬† See it HERE.

I built the sides first

6-5-2014 12-42-36 PM

Using the 1 1/4in wood screws, screw each side together using eight of the 1ft 9in 1x4s

Don’t worry about the heads of the screws showing…it’s SUPPOSED to look rustic, remember?

6-5-2014 12-45-36 PM

Now for the front and back

6-9-2014 9-08-12 AM

Screw together¬†six of the 3ft 3in 1×4 pieces¬†and¬†two of the 1ft 9in 1x4s¬†to make¬†each¬†front and back side

6-6-2014 2-09-47 PM2

Now for the top

Truth is, I actually cut the three top braces too short (Oops) so I improvised and cut the ends at at 45 degree angle…it turned out looking really good!

6-5-2014 3-14-49 PM

Angling the top braces at 45 degrees


Screw the three¬†1ft 11in angled 1×4 braces together with the seven 3ft 3in long 1x4s, centering the middle brace

6-6-2014 2-14-30 PM

Now for the bottom

Evenly space out the four 3ft 1 1/2in 1x6s apart and then screw together with the two 1ft 10 1/2in braces

6-5-2014 2-53-22 PM



Sides are ‘sandwiched’ in or fit in-between the front and back panel, then screwed together with 2 1/2in wood screws

6-5-2014 3-52-49 PM


Decide which part of your frame will be the bottom, then center bottom panel onto frame.  Screw together


Attach wheels to each bottom corner


Flip frame right side up,  center the top, and attach with your hinges


Finished!!! Looking awesome and ready to store all sorts of things!!



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7 Responses to Make an Easy Rustic Storage Chest Out of Pallet Wood

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    Really nice! Those were some nice quality pallets. So many of the ones we get around here are broken or cracked.

    • Tee says:

      I had the same trouble and actually ran out of old wood halfway through the project, so I had to buy new wood. Problem was, the new planks didn’t match the old ones so I stained the new wood with my trusty ‘old wood stain’ out of vinegar and steel wool. It all matches now! ūüėČ

  2. Audrey Crandall says:

    I like these storage boxes. They are made out of scrap pallets but really look good in the rustic finish

  3. jamie says:

    Hi. Great storage chest. How many pallets did you use?

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