How to Build a Log Fort/Clubhouse/Cabin in the Woods


Looking out the doorway from inside :)


Cost of Supplies: FREE!
Build Time: 3-4 hours

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Ahh yes…kids, camping, and forts= FUN FUN FUN, and the best part about building a fort in the forest is it’s free!  You can bet the whole rest of your camping trip you’ll know where to find the kiddos!  They will literally want to eat, sleep and play in their new secret hide-a-way!


  • Lots of fallen logs
  • Two standing trees (approx 8-10ft apart from each other)
  • Chainsaw (optional)

If you have ever played link-n-logs you will be good at building this fort!  Just gather up logs the same length that you want the back and two sides of the fort to be and start stacking them like link-n-logs.


For this fort, two trees were used as ‘anchors’ for the front of the fort to make the doorway sturdy

3-11-2013 11-17-10 AM

To make sure the front wall on the right side of the doorway would be sturdy, I started link-n-logging a triangle out of shorter logs


Then another triangle on the left side of the door was started, making sure to form the triangle around the tree


After the basic frame was set, I just started link-n-logging away!  (My weiner dog ‘Tink’ was trying out the doorway)


Here is the back of the fort.  Notice the logs don’t all have to be the perfect length as each other.  This is a rustic fort so have fun with it! ;)


The logs wrapping around the tree by the doorway make it sturdy


For the roof logs were simply stacked across the top




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