Attach Wire Fencing



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9-28-2013 8-11-29 AM

What good is a fence if it can’t contain anything?? ¬†This is where the wire fencing comes in…

After unrolling the wire along the fence frame I stapled the end of the wire to the beginning post


Instead of buying a fence stretcher, I made my own by simply sandwiching the wire in between two 3ft long 2x3s that I screwed together


2-28-2013 5-39-22 PM

I wrapped a chain around the fence stretcher and attached it to a come-along, which was connected to a sturdy anchor of some kind (my truck hitch).  I then proceeded to tighten the come-along which in turn, tightened the wire up beautifully.

Tip: Stretch and staple the middle part of the wire, then the top part, followed by the bottom part.  Doing this will stretch the wire evenly.


Then I stretched the lower part


When stretching the middle, top, and bottom part of the wire, I made sure to staple only each area that was being stretched before moving on.  For example, I made sure to staple ONLY the top area while the top area was being stretched


‘Outside’ corners are easy. ¬†Simply stretch the wire, staple to the corner post, turn the corner, and keep going.

‘Inside’ corners are trickier…

2-28-2013 5-55-25 PM

Here is an inside corner that I had just finished stapling.  When I stapled the wire, the staples shot straight forward into the wood.  The reason the staples are not pulled out by the wire is because the wire is pulling sideways on them.  If I were to staple the wire just like the pic, BUT not cut the wire, then continue the turn and stretch the wire again, the staples would have direct pressure pulling them outwards, and they would come out . . .

2-28-2013 6-03-43 PM

After cutting the roll of wire on the right side of the post, I started a new roll of wire on the left side of the post, stripping the ends of the wire and wrapping the ends AROUND the post.

2-28-2013 6-37-23 PM

This is how I stripped the ends.

I used a grinder to cut all the pieces away but you can use wire cutters or whatever you prefer.  I had to make sure the ends were long enough to not only wrap around the posts, but also to twist the ends with pliers to secure them to the post.


Then I got the wire ready to start stretching with my homemade wire stretcher


Time to stretch!


With my pliers I simply wrapped the ends of the wires around the post and then twisted the ends back around themselves





Gates are really easy. ¬†Just make sure to tie the gate shut if you don’t have a latch so that when you tighten the wire, the gate won’t swing open




Stretching higher


Stretching lower


After I was done stretching and stapling, I made sure to cut the wire to separate the fence from the gate ūüėČ


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