Build the Gate



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9-28-2013 8-11-29 AM

Unless you want to keep jumping your fence every time you want to cross over, you gotta build a gate! 😉 So here’s how I built mine: I measured the width and the height of my soon-to-be gate 2012-06-22_09-19-39_782

…and made sure the height measurement of the gate would be an inch ore two less than the height of my fence so the gate wouldn’t drag on the ground.


Then out of my 2x3s I measured and cut the 4 pieces that would make up the frame of my gate and then cut each end of each piece at a 45 degree angle


I cut the wood so that the longer edges (pointy sides were on the same side of the 2×3 2012-06-22_09-38-59_327

Then I matched the pointy sides together and screwed them in


Remember those triangles that were made when cutting the angles? 2012-06-22_09-44-42_550

I used them as braces for the frame.

Tip: Screw one triangle in the top corner CLOSEST to where the hinge will go, and the other triangle in the bottom corner FURTHEST  to where the hinge will go 2012-06-22_09-45-49_180

I actually built and finished my gate before realizing I wanted a larger brace so ignore the wiring 😉 The two corners of the gate where I did NOT put the two triangle braces is where the larger brace was attached.  I simply layed the gate over the 2×3… 2012-07-08_10-18-25_599

Marked where to cut…


and WALA!


It fit like a glove!


I screwed the brace to the gate frame


Time to hang it!


It looked GREAT!  Notice how the large brace starts from the bottom corner closest to the hinges, and slopes upward towards the far end top of the gate.  This gives the gate more stability.


Just one more thing…the latch! (although you may want to skip this part till after you wire your gate in part 3) 2012-07-16_18-19-11_322

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